China City Statistical Yearbook 2015

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"China City Statistical Yearbook" is a comprehensive annual statistical publication reflects China's urban social and economic development of the "China City Statistical Yearbook -2015," a collection formed the National 653 cities (including cities above prefecture-level and county-level cities) 2014 Socio-economic key statistics development.<br/>
This yearbook is divided into four parts: The first part is the country's administrative divisions cities listed different areas, different levels of urban distribution: The second of three parts were flying above the prefectural level cities and county-level cities statistics statistics, specific including population, labor force and land resources flying comprehensive economic, industrial, transportation, telecommunications, energy, electricity, trade, Foreign Trade and Tourism, fixed asset investment, education, science and technology, culture, health, people's lives, social security, municipal utilities and environmental protection and other aspects of the data: the fourth part is an appendix for the main statistical indicators. It should be noted that, since 1997, above the prefectural level cities and county-level cities are using different statistical systems, some indicators are not comparable between the two types of cities, so the yearbook will prefecture-level city and county-level cities statistics are divided into two independent parts.<br/>
All cities in the country or the yearbook statistics involved, do not include Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province. Yearbook listed in the table, "the city" as the entire administrative area of ​​the city, including city, county jurisdiction, cities: "City area" includes all city, excluding the jurisdiction of cities and counties. Wuhan City, the area does not contain a yellow Osaka, New York area, Jiangxia and Caidian data. Yearbook Some data point data, point to the end of 2014.<br/>
The Yearbook is suitable for all levels of government administration, urban planning and design department, urban social and economic research institutes, municipal construction and real estate agencies, all kinds of intermediary services and information consulting and other institutions of the workers, but also universities and students, the business community important reference sources, foreign investors and the public interest in Chinese urban development.<br/>
The editor of the yearbook was published in full support of the National Bureau of Rural Social and Economic Survey, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Investigation Corps each, and municipal Bureau of Investigation Team and China Statistics Press, express Heartfelt thanks.<br/>
The yearbook published workload, publishing tight schedule, it is inevitable that inappropriate, sincerely welcome readers criticized the correction.
Table of Contents
Divisions of Administrative Areas of Cities恤China
1-1  城市行政区划和区域分布3
    Administrative Division and Regional Distribution of Cities
    List of City's Basic Conditions by Region
Statistical data of Cities at Prefecture Level and above
    Population, Labour forces and Land Resources
2-1  人口状况13
2-2  劳动力就业状况20
    Labour.Force and Employment
2-3  按产业划分的年末单位从业人员27
    Employed Persons by Three Strata ofIndustry at Year-end
2-4  按产业划分的年末单位从业人员构成34
    Composition of Employed Persons by Three Strata oflndustry at Year-end
2-5  按行业分组的单位从业人员(一)41
    Persons Employed in Various Units by Sector in Detail(I)
2-6  按行业分组的单位从业人员(二)48
    Persons Employed in Various Units by Sector in Detail( lI)
2-7  按行业分组的单位从业人员(三)55
    Persons Employed in Various Units by Sector in Detail(Ⅲ)
2-8  按行业分组的单位从业人员(四)62
    Persons Employed in Various Units by Sector in Detail(Ⅳ)
2-9  按行业分组的单位从业人员(五)69
    Persons Employed in Various Units by Sector in Detail( V)
    Persons Employed in Various Units by Sector in Detail(Ⅵ)
2-11  行政区域土地面积及人口密度83
    Total Land Area and Population Density of Administrative region
    Land Used for Urban Construction(Districts under City)
    General Economy
  2-13  地区生产总值97
    Gross Regional Product
    Composition of Gross Regional Product
  2-15  地方财政一般预算内收支状况(全市)111
    General Budgetary Revenue and Expenditure of Local Govemment (Total City)
  2-16  地方财政一般预算内收支状况(市辖区)118
    General Budgetary Revenue and Expenditure ofLocal Govemment   (Districts under City)
    Deposits and Loans of National Banking System at Year-end
  2-18  规模以上工业企业数132
    Number of Industrial Enterpnses above Designated Size
    Gross Industrial Output Value above Designated Size(To叫City)
    Gross Industrial Output Output Value Designated Size(Districts under City)
    Assets of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size
    Main FinancialIndicators ofIndustrial Enterprises above Designated Size
    Transport, Postal and Telecommunication Services, Energy and Power
  2-23  按运输方式分类的客运量(全市)167
    Passenger Traffic by Mode of Transport (Total City)
    Freight Traffic by Mode of Transport (Total City)
  2-25  邮政局C昕)数及邮政、电信业务收入(全市)181
    Number of Post Offices and Revenue from Postal and Telecommunication Services (Total City)
  2-26  电话及互联网用户数(全市)188
    Number of Subscribers of Telephone and Intemet Services (Total City)
    Trade, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Tourism
  2-27  社会消费品零售总额及批发零售贸易业情况195
    Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods and Basic Conditions
  2-28  利用外资情况202
    Utilization of Foreign Capital
    Investment血Fixed Assets
  2-29  固定资产投资情况209
    Basic Conditions of Investment in Fixed Assets
    Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Public Health
    Number of Schools(I)
2-31  学校数(二)223
    Number of Schools(Ⅱ)
    Number of Full-time Teachers(Ⅱ)
2-33  专任教师数(二)237
    Number of Full-time Teachers(Ⅱ)
    Number of Students Enrollment(Ⅱ)
    Number of Students Enrollment( II)
    Number of Students Enrollment(Ⅲ)
    Number of Students Enrollment(Ⅳ)
2-38  剧场、影剧院数及公共图书馆图书藏量272
    Number of Theaters, Music Halls and Cinemas and Total Collections of Public Libraries
2-39  医院、卫生院数,床位数和医生数279
    Number of Hospitals. Health centers, Beds and Doctors
    People's Living Conditions and Social Secrmty
    Number and Wages of Staff and Workers
2-41  社会保障主要指标293
    Main indicators of Social Security
    Municipal Public Utilities
    Municipal Public Utilities (Districts under City)
2-43  供水、用水及用电情况(市辖区)307
    Water Supply, Water Consumption and Electricity Consumption (Districts under City)
    Supply and Consumption of Coal Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Districts under City)
2-45  道路面积及公共汽车、出租车拥有情况(市辖区)321
    Area of Paved Roads, Number of Public TransportationⅥ:hicles and Taxis (Districts under City)
    Area of Green Land and Green Covered Area of Completed Area'(Districts under City)
    Environmental Protection
    Industrial Waste Water Discharged, Industry Sulphur Dioxi曲Produced胍d Emission    (Total City)
    Industrial Soot(dust) Removed and Discharged(Total City)
2-49工业固体废物综合利用率和污水及生活垃圾处理率(全市)……    ….349
    Ratio of lndustrial Solid Wastes Utilhed,Ratio of Waste Water and Consumption Wastes Treated (Total City)
3-1  人口状况359
3-2  劳动力就业状况363
    Labour Force and Employment
3-3  行政区域土地面积及建成区面积371
    Total Land Area of Administrative region and Area of Built Districts
34  地区生产总值375
    、、Gross Regional Ptoduct
3-5  地方财政总收入及一般预算内收支状况383
    Total Revenue, General Budgetary Revenue and Expenditure of Local Govemment
3-6  年末金融机构存贷款余额391
    Deposits and Loans of National Banking System at Year-end
    Gross Industrial Output Value above Designated Size
3-8  电话及互联网宽带接入用户数407
    Number of Subscribers of Telephone and Internet Services
3-9  社会消费品零售总额及批发零售贸易业情况415
    Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods and Bastc Conditions of Wholesale and Retail Trades
3-10  固定资产投资情况419
    Basic Conditions of hivestment in Fixed Assets
3-11  普通中学及小学数427
    Number of Regular Secondary Schools and Primary Schools
    Number of FuU-time Teachers
3-13  在校学生数435
    Number of Strdents Enrollment
3-14  医院,卫生院个数443
    Number of Hospitals and Health Centers
3-15  医院、卫生院床位数及医护人员数447
    Number of Beds, Doctors and nurses of Hospitals and Health Centers
3-16  在岗职工年平均人数及工资总额455
    Annual Average Number and Total Wages of Urban Staff and Workers
3-17  全社会用电情况459
    Electricity Consumption
3-18  体育场馆,剧场、影剧院数及公共图书馆图书藏量467
    Number of Stadiums and Gymnasiums, Theaters and Music Halls, Cinemas and Total Collections of Public Libraries
    Industry Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Industrial Soot(dust) Discharged and Ratio of Waste Water treated
Explanatory Notes on Main StatisticalIndicators
China City Statistical Yearbook 2015