Big Apple Chinese Readers (Level Two, 20 books)

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Page: 240
Publication Date: 04/2019
ISBN: 9787301300398

Big Apple Chinese Readers is a graded Chinese reading series tailored to k-12 Chinese learners, comprising short texts phrased in simple, easy-to-understand language. There are five levels in total, with 20 books in per level. Topics increase in level of difficulty as readers progress to each higher level of language proficiency.

Topics are selected to begin with students’ personal life (Family and School), connected with social lives and cultural events, and finally leveled up to stories of historical figures, mythological characters, as well as Chinese idioms. 

Table of Contents

1.你几岁了  How Old are You?

2.个子 Height

3.头发 Hair

4.你在哪里 Where are You?

5.耳朵 Ears

6.孩子 Kids

7.鼻子 Nose

8.眼睛 Eyes

9.星期几 What Day is Today?

10.眼镜 Glasses

11.鞋子 Shoes

12.面条 Noodles


14.小鸟 Little Birds

15.好吃 Yummy

16.我会I Can

17.什么花 What Kind of Flower It is?

18.影子 Shadow

19.飞 Fly

20.家 Home

Big Apple Chinese Readers (Level Two, 20 books)