Big Apple Chinese Readers (Level One, 20 books)

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Big Apple Chinese Readers is a graded Chinese reading series tailored to k-12 Chinese learners, comprising short texts phrased in simple, easy-to-understand language. There are five levels in total, with 20 books in per level. Topics increase in level of difficulty as readers progress to each higher level of language proficiency.

Topics are selected to begin with students’ personal life (Family and School), connected with social lives and cultural events, and finally leveled up to stories of historical figures, mythological characters, as well as Chinese idioms. 

Table of Contents

1.我 About Me

2.人 Person

3.我的 My

4.两个 Two

5.你几岁 How Old are You?

6.我看见 I See

7.谁会Who Can

8.我饱了 I am Full

9.头发 Hair

10.喝什么 What to Drink

11.十二生肖 Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

12.新年 New Year

13.大熊猫 Panda

14.软和硬 Soft and Hard

15.爱 Love

16.大红苹果A Big Red Apple

17.一起 Together

18.可爱 Lovely

19.我的家人 My Family

20.数动物 Counting Animals

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Big Apple Chinese Readers (Level One, 20 books)