Big Apple Chinese Readers (Level Three, 20 books)

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Author: Xiong Huali; ;
Page: 240
Publication Date: 06/2019
ISBN: 9787301300572

Big Apple Chinese Readers is a graded Chinese reading series tailored to k-12 Chinese learners, comprising short texts phrased in simple, easy-to-understand language. There are five levels in total, with 20 books in per level. Topics increase in level of difficulty as readers progress to each higher level of language proficiency.

Topics are selected to begin with students’ personal life (Family and School), connected with social lives and cultural events, and finally leveled up to stories of historical figures, mythological characters, as well as Chinese idioms. 

Table of Contents

1. 姐姐 Older Sister


3.国画 Traditional Chinese Painting

4.小狗饿了Puppy is Hungry

5.同学 Classmates

6.青蛙 Frog

7.动物园 Zoo

8.中国茶 Chinese Tea

9.看医生 Visiting Doctor

10.包饺子 Making Dumplings

11.做月饼 Making Moon Cakes

12.下大雨了 Pouring Rain

13.母亲节 Mother’s Day

14.我们班 Our Class

15.下雪 Snowy Day

16.雨鞋和雨伞 Rain Boots and Umbrellas

17.土豆和蛋糕 Potatoes and Cakes

18.运动会   Sports Days

19.茶叶 Tea

20.苹果 Apples

Big Apple Chinese Readers (Level Three, 20 books)