Books written by "Xu Fei"

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From the Soil: The Foundation of Chinese Society
ISBN: 7513521174, 9787513521178 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 07/2012
One of China's finest sociologists and anthropologists, Fei Xiaotong works on these subjects were instrumental in laying a solid foundation for...

Folk Tales from the West Lake: The Jade Spring
ISBN: 9787532265893 | Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House | Published on 05/2010
This book is about the stories of the west lake. Jade Spring, Tiger Spring and Dragon Well Spring are the ancient springs. Jade spring is most...

Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Peacock Flies Southeast (Chinese-English)
ISBN: 7800059235/I·166 | Publisher: New World Press | Published on 01/2003
In the closing years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a minor official of Lujiang prefecture, by the name of Jiao Zhongqing, takes to wife LiuLanzhi, a...
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Folk Tales of Scenic Spots of The West Lake: Yellow Dragon Cave (Picture Book Edition)
ISBN: 9787534050053 | Publisher: Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House | Published on 06/2016

Masters of Chinese Arts and Crafts: Gu Yongjun - Jade Carving
ISBN: 9787534441943 | Publisher: Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House | Published on 01/2012
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Application of Chinese Formula Compatibility
ISBN: 9787117092067 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Published on 07/2008
This manual provides a detailed explanation of the combination rules of various herbal formulas, their effects, and clinical applications. It also...

Neigong Tuina
ISBN: 9787547865453 | Publisher: Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House | Published on 03/2024

The Series of 100 Gems of Chinese Architecture: The Eight Outlying Temples Of Chengde
ISBN: 9787112194520 | Publisher: China Construction Industry Press | Published on 01/2016