Chinese Life Bitter-Sweet Portraits 2009

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Want to know more about today’s China? Then open and read for yourself about people from all walks of life from all over China, with different professions and various ranks. In their own words you can relive their joys and sorrows while learning about this most remarkable period of growth and change during the past 60 years, especially the latest development since 2008.
Table of Contents
BAI Yitong
Part-time College Student,Part-time Village Official
CAI Guoqiang
Showcasing a Perfect Olympics with Fireworks Display
Attending National People's Congress with Environment-friendly Baskets
CHEN Guangbiao
The Premier Shows Respect to Him
CHEN Zhilie
Constant and Never-ending Innovation
The Dream in the Wheelchair
GAN Fenglu
The Quest for a Home in Beijing
GUO Jianjun
A Superb Hotel Salesman
HAO Jinsong
Civil Rights Fighter
JIAN Guangzhou
The Nature of a Journalist
LI Lingfang
Going to School with Her Sick Grandson
"Because I'm the Class Leader!"
LIU Qihui
Enjoy a Culture Feast with Readers
LIU Yongxing
"Half Step Philosophy"
MA Weidu
A Tireless Treasure Hunter
The Modern Life of a Lama
The Shanghai White Collar
To Be a Cheerleader Is Not Easy
WANG Zhenyao
Born on the Day after the Wenchuan Earthquake
WEN Bing
The Trip to Taiwan Is Like Visiting Relatives
WENG Chunxian
27 Years of First Migrant Workers
WU Chungeng
Racing against the Aftermath of a Blizzard
XIA Hongbo
Advertising Revenue Climbs
XIAO Wangye
A Rural Teacher from a Metropolis
XU Haoming
Chinese Speaker in Germany's Highest Law Institutions
XU Zhihong
Nine Years as President of Peking University
YU Changquan
The Man from the Three Gorges
ZHAI Zhigang
Exploring the Space
ZHANG Jianchang
A Farmer's Idyllic World
A Lifetime of Medical Service
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Sample pages of Chinese Life Bitter-Sweet Portraits 2009 (ISBN:9787119059686)
Sample pages of Chinese Life Bitter-Sweet Portraits 2009 (ISBN:9787119059686)

had a certain influence on our company. But the influence is somewhat positive, andhas not hindered our development. As a matter of fact, last year our company still sawa high growth rate of 150%." He proudly said that in an interview in April 2009.
"We could not predict if or when the crisis would occur, nor could we control itonce it started. Thanks to our constant accumulation of experience and preparation, wehave ensured good momentum for further development," said CHEN with a smile."After the global financial storm happened, we didn't wait for help but actively soughtself-help. For example, we positioned the niche market, made a careful study for it, anddeveloped marketable products. Then these numerous minor markets turn out to be ahuge new emerging one." He also told the reporter that with the plan of expandingdomestic demand being put forward by the central government, EVOC Group concen-trated their efforts in the fields of electric power, railways, and monitoring equipmentfor environmental protection. For instance, the newly-built "railway signal monitoringsystem" could increase accuracy and ensure precision under all circumstances. And be-cause they chose the correct path into the market from the start, they didn't have tochange over from an overseas market strategy nor make any major adjustment to theirdevelopment plan. As the economic turmoil has had relatively less impact upon theregions and countries like the Middle East, Russia, India and Israel, EVOC Group,instead of vying for the saturated markets of Europe and America, has tapped intothose in which the embedded & industrial computers are less developed, and that stillhave much potential for further development. The market share of their products inthe commercial field across Russia rose by 37 percent in 2008.
Chinese Life Bitter-Sweet Portraits 2009