An Overview of Chinese Farming Culture

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Myth and Sacrifice
Section A Myth
Section B Sacrifice
Chapter 2 Wisdom and Thoughts of Farming
Section A Agricultural Policies and Reforms
Section B Ancient Agricultural Books
Chapter 3 Twenty-Four Solar Terms
Section A General Introduction to Twenty-Four Solar Terms
Section B Farming Activities and Twenty-Four Solar Terms
Section C Dietary Customs and Twenty-Four Solar Terms
Chapter 4 Typical Chinese Food Crops and Farming Tools
Section A Typical Food Crops in China
Section B Traditional Chinese Farming tools
Chapter 5 Flood Control and Irrigation
Section A Yu Taming the Flood
Section B Dujiangyan Irrigating System
Section C Harnessing of the Yellow River
Chapter 6 Traditional Festivals and Folk Customs
Section A Traditional Festivals
Section B Marital and Funeral Customs
Section C Temple Fair
Chapter 7 Silk and Ceramics Culture
Section A Culture of Silk
Section B Culture of Ceramics
Section C The Silk Road
Section D The Belt and Road Initiative
Chapter 8 Chinese Tea Culture
Section A Origin and Development of Tea
Section B Tea Varieties and Benefits
Section C Tea Customs and Etiquette
Chapter 9 Chinese Alcohol Culture
Section A Origin and Development of Chinese Alcohol
Section B Drinking Customs
Section C Alcohol and Social Life
Chapter 10 Chinese Food Culture
Section A Food and Regions
Section B Food and Festivals
An Overview of Chinese Farming Culture