A Promise is A Promise: China's Approach and Practice of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

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Poverty is a common challenge for human society. In 2020, China accomplished on schedule its poverty alleviation target and completely eliminated absolute poverty for the first time over its thousands of years of history - a momentous achievement for the country, and for humanity as a whole.
What is the background of China's victory in its fight against poverty? What is the theoretical guidance for poverty alleviation? How did the Communist Party of China make decisions and deploy poverty alleviation measures step by step? How can China effectively keep its poverty alleviation results while achieving rural revitalization? This book makes summaries by examining one case from each of the five levels: province, city, county, township, and village. It allows readers to understand how Xi Jinping s poverty alleviation ideas are practiced at the village and household levels and how targeted poverty alleviation is achieved.

About Author
Huang Chengwei was born in 1965.A Ph.D.and research fellow, he serves as director of the China Poverty Alleviation and Development Center, the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development and director of the Poverty Governance Research Center of Peking University. He has long been engaged in research and management in the field of development-oriented poverty eradication in rural areas and been involved in major national poverty alleviation research and policy formulation since the 18th National Congress of CPC, the top-level design of the national targeted poverty alleviation strategy, and the drafting of relevant important manuscripts. Huang Chengwei has published over 200 academic papers, such as 'The Outline of Xi Jinping's Poverty Alleviation Thoughts' and 'Guiding Principles of Poverty Alleviation with Chinese Characteristics.' He assumes the role of chief expert for Marxism Theory Research and Construction Project and editor-in-chief of the 'Poverty Alleviation-related Frontier Issues Research Series in China' funded by the National Publishing Fund. He has published several books as well for example, China's Strategies for Targeted Poverty Alleviation and How the CPC Eradicates Poverty.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ A Miracle on Earth
Ⅰ.China Has Made Remarkable Achievements in Poverty Alleviation
Ⅱ.Unfettered Evolution of Poverty Alleviation with Chinese Characteristics
Ⅲ.Targeted Poverty Alleviation Strategies as the Only Path for Global Poverty Reduction

Chapter Ⅱ The Background
Ⅰ.The Poverty Reduction Situation at Home and Abroad
Ⅱ.The Bottom-line Task of Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects
Ⅲ.Frontier Issues in the New Era of Poverty Alleviation

Chapter Ⅲ Theoretical Guidance
Ⅰ.Formulation and Development of China's Thought on Poverty Alleviation Since 1949
Ⅱ.Xi Jinping's Thought System on Poverty Alleviation
Ⅲ.Contribution of Xi Jinping's Thought on Poverty Alleviation to the New Era
Ⅳ.The Global Significance of Xi Jinping's Thought on Poverty Alleviation

Chapter Ⅳ Decisions and Deployments:1
Ⅰ.Decision on Winning the Fight against Poverty
Ⅱ.Guiding Opinions on the Three-Year Action to Win the Fight against Poverty
Ⅲ.Theoretical and Practical Innovation in the Fight against Poverty

Chapter Ⅴ Targeted Poverty Alleviation
Ⅰ.Ideological System of Targeted Poverty Alleviation
Ⅱ.Fundamental Requirements of Targeted Poverty Alleviation
Ⅲ.Approaches to Advancing Targeted Poverty Alleviation
Ⅳ.Targeted Poverty Alleviation: China's Practice

Chapter Ⅵ Typical Cases
Ⅰ.Guizhou: A Provincial Model of Poverty Alleviation
Ⅱ.Guangyuan City: Approaches to Tackling Regional Poverty
Ⅲ.Lankao County: Approaches to Poverty Alleviation in a Poverty-stricken County
Ⅳ.Minning Town: Poverty Alleviation through Cooperation between China's Western and Eastern Regions
Ⅴ.Shibadong Village: A Model Village for Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Chapter Ⅶ Prospects
Ⅰ.Securing a Decisive Victory in Fighting against Poverty
Ⅱ.Relative Poverty in China after the Battle against Poverty
Ⅲ.China Poverty Reduction Strategy toward 2030
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