A Practical Business Chinese Reader (Revised Edition)

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Since it was first published in 2000, A Practical Business Chinese Reader has been adopted as a textbook by schools in China and overseas. The Korean edition (OK! Business Chinese) was published by Darakwon Inc. at Seoul in 2002. This revised edition has corrected some mistakes and partially replaced or replenished content in several lessons. However, the majority of the revision was made to the exercises in each lesson. Almost all the exercises have been rewritten or redesigned. As a result, the number of the exercises in this book has increased by as many as 3-4 times. There are only slight changes in vocabulary and sentence patterns. A total of 1040 new words and 154 sentence patterns have been introduced in the revised edition.

As a primary textbook for foreign learners in business Chinese, this book covers the whole range of an American commercial delegation's visit to China, and introduces all the chains of commercial activities and related knowledge for social activities and ceremonies. With succinct, vivid and humorous language, and diversified provocative exercises, the book has quoted many original commercial documents and tried to bring students into a real language environment. The interrelation and relative independence between each part of the book make it an easy-teaching and excellent textbook.

ISBN: 7-301-04678-2 or 7301046782
Table of Contents
第一课 到达中国
(四)附录:(1)入境登记卡  (2)健康申明卡
第二课 在旅馆
第三课 正式见面
第四课 日程安排
第五课 出席宴会
第六课 初步洽谈
第七课 参观工厂
第八课 价格谈判
第九课 文化异同
第十课 交货和付款
第十一课 销售代理
第十二课 广告促销
第十三课 在交易会
第十四课 经济特区
第十五课 签定合同
第十六课 饯行告别
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by Tom on 2009-06-15 22:53:55
A good book for intermediate level learner. I strongly recommend.
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A Practical Business Chinese Reader (Revised Edition)