Handan Idioms Between English and Chinese

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This book selects 136 pieces of idioms related to Handan and translates them into English. According to the content and features of these idioms, they are divided into 9 chapters -- distinguished men, strategies, inspiration, military, lessons, lessons, harmony, reform and philosophy. The overseas readers can get a understanding of the long history of Handan and its glorious culture through reading this book, at the same time, they can also improve their Chinese and English level.
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After sealing the tally to save Zhao State, Wei Wuji, Lord of Xinling,feared that his elder brother, the King of Wei State, would look into his crime,so he hid himself and stayed in Zhao State.
He heard that the reverend Mr. Mao and Mr. Xue were very capable, andsent his men to invite them to his place, but they two refused.
He inquired about the two men and got news that Mr. Mao hid himselfamong the gamblers, and Mr. Xue hid in an alcohol shop. So he went to lookfor them and at last he got to know them.
Lord Pingyuan was told the news and he commented, "I have heardbefore that Lord Xinling's behaviour is unparalleled in the world, but now Iconsider that his behaviour is stupid enough, and he has all his goods in thewindow."
Lord Xinling said, "Now that Lord Pingyuan looks down upon andsneers at me, I think it is time for me to leave."
Lord Pingyuan knew that he had said wrong words, so he apologized toLord Xinling, and Lord Xinling had a greater reputation.
At that time, the King of Qin State dispatched troops to attack Wei State,so the King of Wei State sent a messenger to invite Lord Xinling to return.
But Lord Xinling was afraid that the King of Wei State would look intohis crime of stealing the tally, so he refused to return and warned hisunderstrappers, "Those who report to me the request of an interview for themessenger of Wei State, will be killed right away."
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Handan Idioms Between English and Chinese