Zoom In: Elementary Chinese in 60 Hourse: Workbook 1

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The Zoom In series includes six level copies: Elementary Chinese in 60 Hours 1 & 2, Intermediate Chinese in 118 Hours 1 & 2, Advanced Chinese in 337 Hours 1 & 2, and each level consists of a textbook and accompanying workbook.
The first half of each textbook is character learning. Through the cartoons, as well as the catchphrases which combine the meaning of the characters with its writing and pronunciation, the book aims to achieve the purpose: "As long as you remember the catchphrase, you will get to know the meaning of the character, writing, and pronunciation". Besides, it provides the stroke order of each character. The second half includes extended words and phrases: to form words, phrases, sentences, using characters learned from the first part. (From the second textbook, all characters learned from previous textbooks will be used.)
Each textbook is accompanied by a workbook that provides exercises for memorizing Chinese characters, word extensions, and translating sentences. To increase students' sense of achievement, the workbook contains a story for students to read and enjoy. Elementary Chinese in 60 Hours 1 After finishing the 30-hour study, students should be able to grasp 178 characters, 1,000 words or phrases,890 sentences, and read the 3000-word story and pass the test for the lower beginner level of the Chinese language.
Zoom In: Elementary Chinese in 60 Hourse: Workbook 1