Zhuang Zi Speaks II: More Music of Nature - Traditional Chinese Culture Series

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The wisdom of the classsics in comics by Tsai Chin Chung

Confucius, Lao Tzu, Zhuangzi, and Sunzi are widely credited as sages whose thoughts have played an important role in China's development.

The writings of Chinese early thinkers have influenced all facets of Chinese culture and society, from education to art, from politics and warfare to common etiquette. The popular comic book artist Tsai Chin Chung has faithfully brought the wisdom of these classics to life with his uniquely charming illustrations.

About The Author  

Tsai Chin Chung, a popular cartoonist from Taiwan, was the first to use cartoons to illustrate the seemingly recondite ancient Chinese classics in such an amusing way.

Starting from the 1980s, Tsai created a series of Chinese comic books on ancient Chinese classics, including:

- Zhuangzi Speaks: The Music of Nature

- Zen Speaks: Shouts of Nothingness

- Confucius Speaks: Words to Live by

- Sunzi Speaks: The Art of War

- The Tao Speaks: Lao Tzu's Whispers of Wisdom.

Tsai Chin Chung's books have sold over 40 million copies in 44 countries all over the world.


Table of Contents
The giant bird
Liezi rides the wind
Xu you refuses the world
Who's the master
Zhuangzi speaks about not speaking
Yao's question
The danger of knowledge
The man with one leg
Qin shi didn't cry
Mental fasting
The man on fire
The madman of chu
Body and spirit
Do people have emot ions
What is a genuine person
The dao is higher than heaven
Mindless of each other
Hiding the world in the world
Creation and destruction
yan hui sits in forgetting
The mind is like a mirror the death of primal chaos
The sixth finger
great confusion alters one's nature
The horse trainer's transgressions
the harm of benevolence and righteousness
theft prevention
the lost pearl
the heavenly dao
governing through non-action
independent liesure
energy and spirit
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Zhuang Zi Speaks II: More Music of Nature - Traditional Chinese Culture Series