Yuan Longping: The Father of Hybrid Rice

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Author: Chen Qiwen; Wang Hao; ;
Language: English
Page: 195
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787508536606
Table of Contents
Chapter One YouthfuI Aspirations 
Hard Times
The Two Sides of Hankou
YouthfuI Aspirations
The Choice of Destiny

Chapter Two Yuan Longping's Dream
Lost in the Maze
Yuan Longping's Dream
Goldbach's Conjecture in the Rice Kingdom
Inspiration from Nietzsche

Chapter Three The Man Chasing the Sun
In Search of the Natural Male Sterile Plant
“Food Is More Important Than Satellites.”
Saved from Disaster
Chasing the Sun

Chapter Four The Fifth Great Invention
The Breakthrough
Turning Addition to Multiplication
“Boasting Gets You Nowhere!”
The Last Step

Chapter Five The Second Green Revolution
A Seed That Changed the World
The Second Green Revolution
The “Two Line” Method: Another Chinese Invention
Who Will Feed China?
Challenging the Upper Limit
Yuan Longping: The Father of Hybrid Rice