Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2009

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Ⅰ. Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook-2009 (in both Chinese and English) is an annual statistic publication of comprehensive information with highly density. The yearbook covers very comprehensive data in 2008 and some selected data series in important years and the data since reform and opening of Xinjiang,reflects various aspects of Xinjiang’s social and economic development.
Table of Contents
1. Synthesis;
    2. National Accounts;
    3. Population and employment;
    4. Fixed assets investment;
    5. Fiscal, financial and insurance;
    6. Price Index;
    7. People's lives and social security;
    8. Urban profile;
    9. Natural resources and environmental protection;
   10. Agriculture;
   11. Industry;
   12. Construction industry;
   13. Transport and telecommunications;
   14. Wholesale and zero, accommodation and catering industry;
   15. Energy production and consumption;
   16.'s Foreign economic trade and tourism;
   17. Education, science and culture;
   18. Sports, health and others;
   19. Enterprise groups and business climate index;
   20. Localities, state, city, sort of major economic indicators;
   21. Appendix (provinces, cities and districts of major economic indicators to sort),
Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2009