World Textbook Series for Chinese Medicine Core Curriculum: Theory and Practice of Tuina

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Key Features include:

1. Written by renowned Chinese medicine practitioners, authors and professors from China and the greater global community 中国和国际著名中医医生、作者和教授共同撰写

2. Translated and edited by authoritative Chinese medicine translators and English language experts国际知名中医专业英语翻译和英语语言专家联合翻译、编辑和校对

3. This textbook series follows the principles of medical ethics, scientific value, systematic integrity, general applications, advancement of Chinese medicine, safety, and medical standards 本套教材的编译坚持了教材的思想性、科学性、系统性、普适性、先进性、安全性、规范性等原则

4. Attractive two-color layout 双色排版

5. Logically organized so readers can quickly find the information they need 体例编排合理,读者可快速查到所需信息

6. The first complete series designed to support a Chinese medicine core curriculum. The World Textbook Series for Chinese Medicine Core Curriculum is based on the World Standard of Chinese Medicine Undergraduate (Pre-CMD) Education第 1 套基于《世界中医学本科(CMD前)教育标准》的世界中医学专业核心课程教材

7. Organized and compiled by the Educational Instruction Committee of the WFCMS 由世界中医药学会联合会教育指导委员会组织编写

Table of Contents
Part One
Overview of Tuina
Chapter One Historical Evolution of Tuh~a
Section 1 The Origin and Development of Tuina
Section 2 The Development and Application of Tuina Worldwide
I. The Development of Manual Therapy Worldwide
II. Application end Popularization of Tuina Worldwide
Section 3 Ways to Study Tuina

Chapter Two The Principles Behind the Effects of Tuina
Section 1 The Principles of the Effects of Tuina in Chinese Medicine
I. Regulating Yin end Yang
II. Supplementing the Deficient and Draining the Excess
III. Invigorating Blood and Dissolving Stasis
VI. Dredging the Meridians and Unblocking the Collaterals
V. Adjusting Tendons and Restoring Bones
Section 2 The Mechanisms of Tuina from the View of Biomedicine
I. Impact to the Motor System
II. Impact to the Nervous System
III. Impact to the Circulatory System
IV. Impact to the Digestive System
V. Impact to the Endocrine and Immune Systems
VI. Other Impacts

Chapter Three Treatment Principles and Methods of Tuina
Section 1 Treatment Principles of Tu/na
I. Preventive Treatment
II. Treating the Root Cause of the Disease
III. Supplementing the Deficient and Draining the Excess
IV. Regulating Yin and Yang
V. Treating the Disease According to the Three Factors
Section 2 Treatment Methods of Tuina
I. The Warming Method
II. The Unblocking Method
III. The Supplementing Method
IV. The Purging Method
V. The Sweat-promoting Method
VI. The Harmonizing Method
VII.The Dispersing Method
VIII. The Clearing Method

Chapter Four Common Diagnostic Methods Used in Tuina
Section 1 Examination of the Head and Neck
I. Examination of the Head and Face
n, Examination of the Neck
Section 2 Examination of the Chest and Abdomen
I. ExaminQtion of the Chest
II. Abdominal Examination
Section 3 Examination of the Back and Lower Back

Part Two
tuina for adults
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World Textbook Series for Chinese Medicine Core Curriculum: Theory and Practice of Tuina