Untold Stories of My Diplomatic Life

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Table of Contents
Part One Relations with Major Countries
Chapter 1 The United States: Rival or Friend?
1.1 US Presidents in My Eyes
1.2 Contacts with US Secretaries of State.
1.3 A Tit-for-tat Struggle over the Question of Taiwan
1.4 Bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.
1.5 Bidding Farewell to Most-favored-nation Treatment
1.6 “9/11” and Chinas Response
1.7 The Great Way Cannot Be Blocked
Chapter 2 Russia: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears
2.1 Suggestions, Yes; Coercion, No
2.2 Frequent Visits Between Leaders, and Mutual Understanding and Mutual Accommodation Between Two Peoples
2.3 Why the Soviet Union Disintegrated
Chapter 3 France: Eiffel Tower in “Chinese Red”
3.1 A Box of Foie Gras That Went Off Because of Me
3.2 French Etiquette Is a Delight
3.3 “Yes. I Will Smoke Now.”
3.4 “My Plane Problem Is Your Taiwan Issue”
Chapter 4 Britain: Out of Scores
4.1 The British Empire No Longer Exists, but Its Influence Remains
4.2 An Interpreter Could Diffuse Awkwardness
4.3 Negotiations May Not Be So Formal
4.4 Dispute Is Also a Kind of Negotiation
4.5 Striving to Lift the Embargo on Behalf of Equality
Part TwoA Close Neighbor Means More than a Distant Relative
Chapter 5 DPRK: Being a Friend
5.1 A Fellow Student of Peking University: Invaluable Friendship but Distinctly Separate Lines Between Public Office and Individual Feelings
5.2 Six Party Talks: A Difficult Task to Persuade the US and the DPRK
Chapter 6 Pakistan: A Country I Not Only Like, but Passionately Love
6.1 China and Pakistan Are like Brothers
6.2 A Drop-in Will Be All Right
Chapter 7 99.9 % Versus 0.1 %
7.1 Indian Scholar: Homage to Ji Xianlin, the “Contemporary Xuanzang”
7.2 Deng Xiaoping: India Did Not Have to Worry About the Alleged War Threats from China
7.3 Mao Zedong: We Easterners Have a Desire for Unity
Chapter 8 We Are Relatives
8.1 Chinese and Thais Are “Brothers”
8.2 No Such a Thing as a Free “Dinner”
8.3 Tsunami Is Ruthless but the People Are Not
Chapter 9 China-Japan Relationship: Difficult but Essential
9.1 Seeing Both the Good and Bad Sides of Japanese
9.2 Putting a Case to the People of Hiroshima
9.3 Alluding to the Present by Means of a Historical Event in a Meeting with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
Part Three Poor Friends, Good Friends, True Friends
Part Four Diplomacy on the Multilateral Stage
Part Five Foreign Affairs Are Both Events and Trifles
Part Six Enjoying My Work
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Untold Stories of My Diplomatic Life