How to Chinese Chess for Beginners

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Author: Liu Xiaofeng; ;
Language: English
Page: 127
Publication Date: 01/2009
ISBN: 9787119042084
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Board and Pieces
1.The Board
2.The Pieces
3.Movement of Pieces
4.Opening Setup
5.The Rules
7.A Novice Game

Chapter 2 Tactics
1.The Relative Value of Each Piece
2.How to Use the Pieces
3.Tactics for Capturing the King
4.Exercises of Tactics for Capturing the King

Chapter 3 Opening of the Game
1.Central Cannon
Central Cannon and Screening Knights
Side Cannon Screen
Lee Cannon
Adverse Cannon
2.Cross Palace Cannon
3.Predicting Prophet

Chapter 4 Mid-Game
1.Chou Chi
3.Trade Pieces
5.Pin up Opponent's Pieces
7.Exercises for Mid-Game

Chapter 5 End-Game
One Pawn
Two Pawns
One Rook
One Rook and One Pawn
One Knight
One Knight and One Pawn
Two Knights vs.Two Bishops and Two Guards
One Cannon and One Guard
One Cannon and One Pawn
5.Exercises for End-Game

Answers to exercises of Chapter 2 Tactics
Answers to exercises of Chapter 4 Mid-Game
Answers to exercises of Chapter 5 End-Game
Notation widely used by Chinese books
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How to Chinese Chess for Beginners