Translation of Text in Boya Chinese-Advanced Hover Vol 9 Life is to Fight with Difficulties

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The Hardship Can’t Be Died Out

We live in this world. We need meet the difficulties and face the unhappiness. It means life is about hardship and confusion. It comes with birth and will never disappear. Otherwise, life will be too easy!

Imagine there is no difficulty in life, life will be very boring just like playing chess. You will not play it if you don't have an opponent. The inward world is more complicated than the outer world. To understand the inward world is much more difficult than the outer world. Don't expect that the problems in our inward world is so easy to solve at once. Then what shall we expect? I think the best way is to sit together, to talk about our confusion frankly and have a look at the secret in our inward world. If the confusion exists for another more day, the method will not be out of date. It means all the methods to cure the psychotherapy are started by this. The autism is the biggest problem in the

To Reach a New World by Communicating With Human

Difficulties can’t not disappear or die out. However, the communication, catharsis and listen between human can help us to get a new attitude towards life, even a new world. What is the new world? I will tell a fairy tale “the Trumpeter”first. After the war, a young trumpeter came back home from the war. He missed his fiancee who had married another man day and night. Cause his dead news had spread in his hometown during the war. The trumpeter was so sad that he left his hometown to rove outside. On his way, there was only a trumpet with him. The sound of the trumpet was so dismal. One day, he came to a country. After the king heard the trumpethush, he called him in and asked him why the trumpethush was so sad. The trumpeter told the story to the king. The king felt so pity on him…I stopped reading when I read here. Because I thought it was just another typical story. Then the king liked the young trumpeter so much. The trumpeter was so talent and smart. Then the king let his daughter marry the trumpeter. The end would be that the trumpeter and the princess lived happily together forever.

However, I was wrong. The outstanding part of this story was the end. The led an order to the whole nation that he invited everyone to listen the trumpeter’s story and sadness. Day by day, the young man kept telling his story. People kept listening. People would gathered together to listen quietly as soon as his trumpethush started. Time flied, his trumpethush was not that sad any more. What’s more, his trumpethush became lively and clear.

The so-called new world at least contains two parts in my opinion. One is to know the importance of love. The second is the difficulties will never disappear. The only thing can stop the difficulties is love. What is love? Love is that the king let her daughter marry the young man, or tell the young man that difficulties will exist forever and he need face it? I should say it means both. The first is the quick blood transfusion for a short time. The second is to save you out from the deepest. It will not leave you the feeling of quick comfort or satisfaction, or make you believe olny good luck will come to you. It means when difficulties come we will be with you. However, no one can make the difficulties disappear. Everyone should encourage ourselves and face the difficulties calmly.

I Respect My Disease

Once a reporter asked me, " How do you think about your disease?" I thought for a while without finding a suitable word. Whatever I said seemed just wrong or useless. At last, I said, " Respect." Definitely I didn't mean I liked it. However, what shall I say? Hate it? Regret it? Say "Go away" to it? It doesn't make sense at all. What I could get at last was just trouble. You should respect it just like a strong opponent. It is the training from your life. It is just like you have no choice when you are playing chess with a real master. However, you could learn something from it. For example, you can know the value of life better. One is to find trouble, one is to increase your knowledge, which one will you choose.

In a word, we should say " Yes" with difficulties. Then we accept it and fight with it. We are the winner even we lose. When facing death, we feel worried, angry and upset. The result will be that the death will come ferociously. If you regard it as common, it is just common. What is death? It is just the same before you were born. Death is just something that scares you when you are alive. You will lose if you are afraid of it. You will win if you treat it calmly. However, if you say "No" first firmly, it will not hurt you any more. Actually, all the difficulties including death will hurt just because of your own panic.

We Need Get Love By Ourselves

Don't close yourself down. You need force yourself out for not only your body, but also your mind and mood. You will find a new world if you get out of the extreme point of one thing. I have written that the heaven and the hell are just inside of the human world. The heaven and the hell are just the different attitudes towards the life and other people. The best medicine is to have friendship, love and your soul.

However, love or friendship are not the cooked food. You can't just drink with it after cutting it when you are back home. Love and friendship need you to care. You will get it with paying by working by yourself. What's more, you must have to change your mood and get a new attitude towards life.

In fact, what can we get in our whole life? It is only the process filled with our mood. So we must care about our mood. If you want to escape from difficulties---however, the difficulties will not leave you. If you close yourself down, or you feel bad about everything, or you are in love or friendship, or you are in hate, how can you be happy? In fact, love, friendship and happiness are all a kind knowledge.

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