Translation of Text in Boya Chinese-Advanced Hover Vol 1: LESSON 8 TWO REFLECTIONS

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Which Job You Take, Which Job You Will Hate

"Every profession produces its own topmost master in 360 kinds." That means there is no difference between jobs. If you work hard in your own field, you can get the top positon. This also advice people to focus on your own career, not just see "That hill is higher than mine (never be satisfied where one is)". What actually happened is that there is difference between jobs just the mountains are not at the same height. Even the best are different. The watermelon king can't compare with the steel king. The wonton king can't compare with the Kerosene king.

Every career has its own hardship, especially on the way to success. If you take a job, you should just work hard on it. Some people only see monks eating bread, not see them being initiated into monkhood. Then they admire the monks. They think the monks are happy without any pain. They start to groan and regret that they took the job. What's more, they will tell their children not to take this career. This is called    " Which job you take, which job you will hate."

The one, who creates the word " Which job you take, which job you will hate.", may just want people to know your own place and behave yourself. However, this word also show the feeling of having no alternative. In face, we should love the job we take. Because every job has its own fun, at least, you'll feel happy when you complete your work. Many people, who are dedicated,  not only are satisfied with their own job, but also tell their children to take this career. This is called " Inherited his father", there is no hatred among this.

A son should not look down on his mother even though she is ugly,and a dog never minds if his host is poor

Dogs are smart. however, they are not that smart. A beggar with a walking stick and an alms bowl asks for food door by door. There is always a skinny dag along with him. If he gets some leftover, he will share it with his dog. However, the dog will not leave him to go with a rich man. So dogs are not that smart just with loyalty.

In the children mind, mother should be the most beautiful, lovely and trustworthy. People can be ugly,but mom is not. Mom can be old, but not ugly. There was a very popular children song "Crow Song", " Crow crow caws to me, crow crow is filial. The old crows can't fly, cow to the young crows. The young crows back from hunting, will feed mom first. ' My mom fed me before.'" This is a song about the crow feedback to tell people be filial. I am really moved by the last word, "My mom fed me before." Everyone will feel grieved when they hear the lyric "My mom fed me before". Everyone will feel proud of their mom, who can think their mom is ugly?

"A son should not look down on his mother even though she is ugly, and a dog never minds if his host is poor". It is right. However, it is wellknown that people like to be rich instead of being poor. Maybe the good reputation "never mind being poor" should just for the dogs in the future. There are examples that the kids look down upon their mom. I know two examples, not only one. There are two people who got the so-called "high education". They invited friends to their home. There were two old ladies in poor clothes out to serve the tea. The hosts didn't introduce them to the guests. The guests just thought the old lady was the maid of their family. However, later people knew from others that the old lady was their mom. The host thought their mom was so ugly that she would make them lose faces. They make their ugly mom to serve the tea just like making good use of waste materials.

"A dog never minds if his host is poor" is right. However, "A son should not look down on his mother even though she is ugly" may become a fallacy in the future.

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