Translation of Text in Boya Chinese-Advanced Hover Vol 1: LESSON 6 The Dream of Being A Genius

SUNDAY 22 JULY, 2012 | RSS Feed

I am a wired girl who is regarded as a genius. There is no goal for me except being a genius. However, when my childhood was leaving I found I had nothing except being a genius---all were the bad sides of being a genius. People can forgive the nuttiness of Wagner, but they are not going to forgive me.

Maybe I could be called as child prodigy in American style. I could recite the poems in Tang Dynasty when I was 3. I still remember that I was reciting the poem "The women don't know the feeling of losing a country, they were still singing the songs when the nation is gone." in front of the chair. When I was 7, I wrote my first novel about family tragedy. When I didn't know the characters, I would come to the cook for help. The second novel was about a lady who killed herself when she broke up with her boyfriend. My mom criticized me, "If the lady wanted to kill herself, she wouldn't go to drown in Xihu by train from Shanghai." however, I wrote it because the beautiful poem of Xihu. Finally, I kept this point.

The only novel for me to read was “Journey to the West” and several fairy tales. However, I was not limited by these. When I was 8, I tried to read a novel of Utopia, named “Happy Countryside”. This countryside was a militant Plateau nation. They got the concession from the Empire for free taxation and the right of autonomy because they defeat the Miao Group. The Happy Country was a big family outside of the world. They lived all by themselves and kept the original culture of the group.

I prepared half a dozen of paper to write a big work. However, I lost the interest for this great work not for a long time. Until now, I still keep the icons I drew, which showed the service, construction and the interior trim of the Ideal Socialist. It concluded the libraries, showing room, chocolate shop and the garden on the roof. The public dining hall was in the pavilion in the lotus pond. I didn't know if there had the cinema or the socialism----they lived very well though they knew nothing about these two Civilization products.

When I was nine, I started to think which one I should choose between music or drawing as my future career. After I watched a movie about a poor drawer, I cried for a while. Then I decided to be a pianist to play the piano in the gorgeous hall in the future.

I am very sensitive with the color, notes and words. When I am playing the piano, I imagine that the eight notes have their own character and they are dancing in their bright-colored clothes. When I am writing, I like the strong words, for example, "pearl grey", "twilight", "slightly", "splendour" or "melancholy". I still has the problem to load my writing with fancy phrases until now. I am still interested in the Liaozhai Zhiyi (title of a collection of bizarre stories by Pu Songling of the Qing Dynasty) and the Paris Fashion Report just for this kind of attractive words.

I had freedom to study as I liked when I was at school. I was so confident until I was 16 when my mom came back from France. She got a deep investigation on me.

"I really feel sorry that I didn't take care of your typhoid." She told me, " I prefer to seeing you dying instead of suffering this disease."

I found that I didn't know how to peel apples. After a long hard time, I started to know how to sew the socks. I was afraid to go to the barber shop or meet the strangers, or to try on the clothes for the tailor. Many people had taught me how to weave. However, no one could make me to weave well. I lived in a house for 2 years, I still felt confused if you asked me where the bell was. I went to the hospital to get injection by jinrikisha everyday for three months. However, I still could not tell the direction. In a word, I am good for nothing in daily life.

My mom gave me two years to teach me how to survive in the society. She taught me how to cook, how to wash clothes with soap, how to walk nicely and how to tell people's feeling from their eyes. I need to close the curtains after I turned on the light. I looked at me expression in front of the mirror. If you were not a genius with a sense of humor, you just forgot joking.

I am so dumpish when I am with human. The two years experiment is a failure. Except my thought loses the balance, there is no influence for me at all under my mom's serious warning.

A part of the art of life can't be realized by me. I know how to watch " the Qiaoyun in July", how to appreciate the bagpipe winded by the Scotland soldiers, how to enjoy sitting on the cane chair in the breeze, how to eat the brine boiled peanut, how to appreciate the neon lights in the rain and how to grasp the green leaves on the top of the trees in the double-decker bus. I am filled with joy without human. However, I can't overcome the little trouble in one day. Life is the gorgeous cheongsam full of fleas.

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