Translation of Text in Boya Chinese-Advanced Hover Vol 1: LESSON 5 Call for Bids inside of Family

SUNDAY 15 JULY, 2012 | RSS Feed

I am from a family of three, my husband, my son and I. We are just like three countries which have good relation. However, there are some warning signals of fighting or quarreling sometimes.

Because I am a writer, we always need to go to the post office to send the manuscript to the editorial department or to post books or reply letters to the readers. As usually my husband will do it with a school bag. I will say thanks nicely when he is back. However, he felt impatient as time flies.

One Sunday, I was preparing for making dumplings. After backing from the post office, my husband was so angry and said, "I was waiting in the queue for a long time. At last, I got a tongue-lashing. This is really not a good job for human."

I said, "Take some water! Calm down! "

He said, "Don't play up with me. I will not do it any more."

I said, "What shall we do? We can't hire an hourly worker for this."

He said, "No one will do it even though you want to hire. This job is really nagging."

I said."It is hard to say. Where there's muck, there's brass."

My husband said excitedly, "What you mean is that you want to pay ? How about this? How much do you want to pay per month? I will see if it is worthwhile? I will save the money into my own private coffer. It is not your business."

I said, "OK. Let's talk about it. Give me a prize."

My husband thought carefully and said, "500 yuan per month."

I screamed, "You are really wicked! Do we have so much at home?"

He shook his head, "I don't want to do it even with this much! There is no branch."

I said, " I will do it by myself. I can save some money for our home."

There was a black horse in the desperation. My helpful son said, "Mom, I will do it. I don't need 500 yuan. 400 hundred is enough."

I said, "OK. Everything will be good with competition."

My husband said immediately, "Son! Don't grab my job! Now I announce I will low the prize. 300 yuan per month."

I said to my son, "How about you? What's your opinion?"

The young is always clear-cut. He said without blinking, "200. 200 is enough for me."

I looked around and said, "So? Is there anyone who wants pay it lower?" She was planning to make it sure with the rolling pin in her hand.

My husband said to my son hurriedly, "The third party benefits from the tussle."

My son didn't change his mind and said, "A gentleman's promise is a promise."

I said, "We made a deal?"

My husband changed his words hurriedly, "I changed my mind. 100 yuan per month. 100 yuan is enough."

My son said immediately, "50. 50 yuan per month. I will send all the letters for mom. OK?"

I looked at my husband with smile, "The trade monopolies and regional blockades are not right. So we need the anti-unfair competition law."

My husband was full of power and grandeur to said, "I am going to announce. To post the letters without paying. Whatever, I did it free before. I will do the same in the future. It is not hard for a person to do something good. It is also not hard to do it for my whole life."

My son said gloatingly, "Mom, if I want to do it now, I need give you money."

I said, "Son. Just leave this chance to your father. If I have time in the future, I will go to the post office by myself. Do you know what the next important thing is?"

They said together, "What's that?"

I said, "To make dumplings! We argued for such a long time. The flour has woke up over time!" Then mom knocked the roll pin heavily.

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