Translation of Text in Boya Chinese-Advanced Hover Vol 1: LESSON 3 A Promise That Will Be Kept

TUESDAY 10 JULY, 2012 | RSS Feed

When I was a little girl, a boy wanted to borrow money from me. It was 2 yuan. At that time, 2 yuan meant the pin money for two months to me. I felt hesitant because everyone knew he was poor. His mother's job was just like to be a pregnant woman who would give birth to a younger brother or younger sister every year. The impression she left for people was just two: one was to stumble with the upheaval belly; the other was to sit in their front gate under the sun with a baby in her hands and a white screed on her forehead after giving birth.

My hesitation made the boy feel embarrassed. He put down his head and told me that he really need the money for emergency. He promised to return in five days. I didn't know how to refuse him and lent the money to him.

Time went by. The fifth day came. The boy didn't come to school. I blamed him for the whole day. I blamed him that he didn't keep promise. I just wanted to cry.

I suddenly heard someone call me outside the window when I was falling asleep. I opened the window. I saw the boy standing outside with sweat on his face. He grasped his fist and said in his dumb voice, " Look at my tricks!" He put his fist on the windowsill and the opened his fist. The 2 yuan showed up just like a flower blooming in his palm.

I screamed happily. He smiled, too. It felt just like that we two completed one thing together the same as the floating stone fell down to the ground. He repeated, " I run from the Han Bridge."

 Later, I knew the truth. He borrowed the money so hurry because he need the money to buy the glucose for his mom who suffered the hypoglycemia. In order to return the money on time, he went to help to push the vegetables under the Han Bridge everyday. Before the dawn at the fifth day, he finally saved 2 yuan. He was so tired that he fell asleep under the bridge. Unexpectedly, he fell into a deep sleep for the whole day until the evening. He started to run as soon as he woke up. No one knew why this boy was running so quickly and hurriedly in the dark evening.

That was the only communication between the boy and I. However, the deep shock he left would last for a long period of time. In the coming days, when I heard about the words like “excellent” and “credit” I would always think of him. Because we could feel the serous promise from him.

It was said that the boy did a great career. Maybe he had already forgot the thing happened between us. However, as far as I concerned it was the thing for him to be successful.

To keep promise is a kind of living style, a kind of honest and a kind of firm. The meaning of keeping promise is about if we are serious about the world. The kind of person who are sincere and serious are open and upright and always recall the words they said. That kind of meaning includes human’s ideal and spirit more itself.

However, there are so many people breaking their promises in this world. This kind of people live relaxedly in a pity. This kind of scene will not last for long. If he always breaks promises, his promises will become into jokes which will get discount or lower the price just like the product. Instead of caring about how people think about him, he will feel the boring and tired raiding his heart himself. As long as you have this problem, the glory of being person will become inferior.

In the evening of last autumn, it was raining which was so heavy that was rare to have. I went to the station to pick up a friend. We promised that we would not leave without seeing each other regardless of the weather. I was standing in the station for a long time and my friend still didn't show up. However, I saw a young boy waiting rustlingly there without umbrella. I moved my umbrella to him, he said “thanks” gratefully. He told me he was waiting for a friend, too. The vehicles passed by one by one. The rain had formed into a curtain from the umbrella. The world had become into a vast expanse of whiteness. However, we still didn't see the person we were waiting for. I told the boy that maybe they would not come. The boy shook his head. Another car came. Suddenly, it stopped. A boy jumped out of the car and shouted happily. The boy under the umbrella run to him with a high five enthusiastically. That happiness was so broad without any guilty. The high five contained the appreciation of each other. I felt the sublimation of my soul.

Finally, I didn't get the happiness. When I came back home with disappointment, I received my friend’s phone call. She said that the rain was so heavy that…I wanted to say why we promised that we would not leave without seeing each other regardless of the weather. We could just say to cancel it if it rained. As long as we had promised that we would not leave without seeing each other regardless of the weather, we just shouldn't care about the weather. However, I said nothing. I just hung up the phone. Because for the one who doesn't care about promises, they will find out thousands of excuses for exculpating. For me, I just want to leave time to think about the two boys in the heavy rain.

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