Translation of Text in Boya Chinese-Advanced Hover Vol 1: LESSON 10 I Am Against The Cloning Man

SATURDAY 21 JULY, 2012 | RSS Feed

After the success of the cloning Dolly, Cid, from the U.S., announced that he wanted to do the experiment for cloning human. The discussion about the morality and prohibit of the cloning man became a hot issue. The scientific community strongly doubt the reliability of the cloning man, which delayed the process of cloning man. However, according to the development of the modern science, the delay will not last long. In a word, the debate will not stop.

I am against the cloning man. I have the following reasons.

To breed human by cloning is not natural, against nature. To tell the way of breeding is natural or not. We need a standard, which is the basic process. In natural world, the way of reproduction is from non-sex to with-sex. All the mammals are in sexual reproduction. If we change it, it will be unnatural, which will endanger the natural world. The result is against the nature. Someone asserted, " Human is the result of the nature evolution. What human do is just the continuation of the natural process. That means what we did is all under nature. According to this logic, everything is natural. Nothing is unnatural. We can even say that the human omnicide or the atomic warfare is natural. "

To clone human is not moral. First of all, the cloning goes against and damages our basic human values, including personality value, which contains our unique life, personality, emotion, sex based on love and the family affection. If we clone someone, all the values will be destroyed at root. Secondly, the cloning will disorder the moral principles. We can imagine why we do cloning. There must be two reasons. One is to improve human. They clone the "high-qualitied human" to weed out the weak. We just think this one can succeed without any technology problems. All the cloning men have all the good points from the dam. The coming problems are that who should be copied and who should be weeded out. It is not hard to imagine that we will have the two most unfair classes. People will fight for who should be copied. There even might be a big war. The other purpose can be for the "utility man". Because we can clone lots of men. Their life will not be treasured. The wide gap can be much more bigger than the gap between slaves and slave owners. Then we get the new slavery society. The attitude towards the cloning men will also influence our human. Obviously, according to the above two situations, no matter what purposes we have, we are just putting ourselves closer to be extinct.

Someone stresses that, " Nothing is forbidden in science." They regard this as an excuse to clone human. Someone also proposes for "Freedom for choice". They say that they have right to choose cloning as a way to reproduce. There is no forbidden for the knowledge of objects in science. However, there must be a forbidden for the skills to change things, on condition that it should not endanger human life. As the "Freedom for choice" also should obey this condition. As the cloning man will endanger human life, I agree that we should set down the strict laws to forbid cloning.  

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