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Chinese Folk Songs
ISBN: 9787560856179 | Published on 12/2014
"Chinese Folk Songs (Chinese-English Edition)" is divided into folk songs of Han nationality and those of minority groups; it classifies...

Chinese Martial Arts
ISBN: 9787560872650 | Published on 01/2018

Famous Chinese Gardens
ISBN: 756084023X,9787560840239 | Published on 09/2009
中国园林的灵魂是“诗情画意”,即以如画之景,寄寓诗情和哲理。《中国名园:英汉对照》为造园大师陈从周先生所作,是作者对中国园林一生研究的结晶。全书 共分10篇,以深入浅出的文字评析了大江南北各类园林的风格,又配以大量精美的图片,从而把读者引入到景色优美、意蕴深远的高妙境界。

Gardens of Hangzhou
ISBN: 7560837530,9787560837536 | Published on 01/2009 | Series: garden;hangzhou

Greeting From China Historical Postcards
ISBN: 9787560823676 | Published on 02/2002
Of a variety of picture postcards with China motif distributed home and abroad from the end of the 19th century to the early period of the 20th...
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Proceedings of the 6th asian-pacific symposium on structural reliability and its applications
ISBN: 7560863035, 9787560863030 | Published on 05/2016

Shanghai old architecture
ISBN: 9787560823652 | Published on 02/2002
Aiming at introducing Shanghai's cultural relics such as the ancient buildings, this series of books consists of 20 categories: ancient towns,...
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Thirty Lessons in Basic Chinese
ISBN: 9787560878911 | Published on 07/2018

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