Tibetan Arts

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Tibetan arts feature its distinctively ethnicstyles and characteristics. The book emitledTibetan Arts gives a comprehensive introductionto the sculpture, painting, singing and dancing,calligraphy and the other folk arts of Tibetanethnic group, meanwhile showing uniquelylocal and ethnic customs and value.
Table of Contents
Chapter One
Art of Singing and Dancing
1. Traditional folk singing and dancing
2. Modern professional singing and dancing
Chapter Two
The Religious Dance Accompanied by Music
1. The development of the religious dance
2. The types of the religious dance
Chapter Three
1. Tibetan opera
2. Monpa opera
Chapter Four
1. The development of Tibetan calligraphy
2. Calligraphy categories
Chapter Five
Art of Painting 1. Murals 2. Thangka
3. Painting schools
Chapter Six
Art of Sculptures
1. Metal sculptures
2. Painted clay sculptures
3. Stone carvings 4. Wood carvings
5. Pottery sculptures
Chapter Seven
Art of Stone Carving
1. Rock art
2. Cliff carvings
3. Mani stone carvings
Chapter Eight
Art of Masks
1. The Development of Tibetan masks
2. The Types and characteristics of masks
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About 3,000 years ago, there existed on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau various strains of Shamanism, namely “Bon,” such as Tian (Heaven) Bon, Mo (Evil) Bon, and Zan Bon among others. Heaven represented natural forces, evil was the symbol of a mysterious force, and Zan was the god of the world as recorded in Bon religious books. In addition, many subsequent ancient Bon deities, including Dahra, Pakse and Gai Kuo, were all objects of worship in ancient Tibet, with different idolatry, origins and rituals.

Sample pages of Tibetan Arts (ISBN:9787508537795) Sample pages of Tibetan Arts (ISBN:9787508537795)
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