Tibet: Fast & Furious

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Sample pages of Tibet: Fast & Furious (ISBN:7100094747, 9787100094740) 

Samye Monastery is the first temple connected to Tibetan Buddhism,and its construction is said to have been directed by Padmasambhava (the earliest preacher of Tibetan Buddhism).This temple took its name from a Tibetan king's exclamation: Samye (meaning 'out of expectation').As some people describe, the sounds of lamas' recitation of scriptures drift out of the temple like a clear stream flowing from past years.All of a sudden, you felt as if time is drifting slowly back to the past. 
There is a widespread Tibetan folk tale: a young herdsman named Mobai Gyiwu and his lover Qongchen Nyima lived by the Equ River.The girl's mother, however, married her to a businessman.The girl missed Mobai very much, while the young man had no appetite for any food or drink.When the merchant's mother found this out, she held a family discussion, and invited this young man into the family to share Qongchen Nyima with the businessman and all of them lived happily from then on.
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Tibet: Fast & Furious