The Wisdom of Public Diplomacy: Cross-Border Dialogues

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  • Author: Zhao Qizheng;
  • Language: English
  • Page: 279
  • Publication Date: 04/2012
  • ISBN: 7510426553,9787510426551
  • Publisher: New World Press
Editor's Recommendation
The New World Press excels in publishing books in both Chinese and English versions.They have attended my international dialogues in the past year,made efforts to coHect and record them and compiled the contents into thiS book.Readers will find that the rapid growth of the Internet and satellite television have made the world ever smaller;the public of different countries also pay more and more attention to how their own countries’international reputation influences their personal interests.In this sense,the public of different countries are no longer passive receivers of public diplomacy,but active participants.Today,the main body of public diplomacy is the social institutes and NGOs in economy,culture,education,science, media,sports,arts and religion.
Table of Contents
Presenting China Today Is the Key
(Dialogue with Paul Foldi in Beijing on September 22,201 0)
Norman Bethune’S Contribution Produced the Effect of Public Diplomacy
(Dialogue with Mark McDowell in Beijing on December 3,2010)
Many Obstacles to Be Overcome in China’S International Communication
(Dialogue with Sameh El—Shahat in Beijing on December 3,2010)
New Asia’S Peace and Prosperty
(Zhao Qizheng’s speech at the 6th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity on May 29,2011)
China Never Takes Itself for a G2 Member
(Dialogue with South Korean expels on public diplomacy in Jeju on May 29,2011)
China’S GDP Comes from Hard Work and Diligence
Dialogue with Henry Kissinger in New York on June 2,2011)
Sensitive Questions Are in Greater Need of Answers
(Dialoguewith expels oftheNew YorkTimesinNewYork on June 2,2011)
Public Diplomacy:A Method Rather than a Science
(Dialogue with scholars of Harvard University on June 3,2011)
Difference Between Public and Commercial Broadcasting in America
(Dialogue with Gordon H.Smith in Washington on June 6.2011)
Legacy of Cold War Mentality Hinders Progress
(Dialogue witri Richard Lugar and others in Washington on June 6,2011)
Public Diplomacy:A Supplement to Official Government Diplomacy
(DiMogue with James Steinberg in Washington on June 6,20l 1)
Finding Ways to Make Mutual Study More Meaningful
(Dialogue with experts at Meridian hlternational Center Off June 6,2011)
Why No“Jessamine Revolution”in China
(Dialogue with Robert Lawrence Kuhn in Washington on June 6,2011)
China’S Search for a Model for Global Expression
(Dialogue with Mark Kirk in Washington on June 7,2011)
China Does Nol Hide lts Problems
(Zhao Qizheng’S speech at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council,followed by aQ&A session Off June 8,2011)
Improving Sino—U.S.Relations Is a Driving Force for World Progress
(Dialogue with USC scholars in Los Angeles on June 8,2011)
China Has Two Shining Coats:The Beijing Olympic Games and the 201 0 Shanghai Expo
(Seminar:Public Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization in Beijing on October 12,2011)
Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai Expo
(Dialogue with Joel Souza Pinto Sampaio in Shanghai Off November 19,2011)
Public Diplomacy Is Not Plastic Surgery
(Dialogue with Japanese experts on public diplomacy in T0kv0 on December 2,2011)
The Wisdom of Public Diplomacy: Cross-Border Dialogues