The Story of Mencius (English)

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Mencius, a great thinker, statesman and educationist who lived in the period of Chinese history known as the Warring States (475-221BC), was the most important expounder of Confucius’ doctrines, after the master himself. The Story of Mencius give a vivid description of the arduous life of Mencius, and expounds his theory that “men are born good,” and his advocacy that all rulers should practice a policy of “benevolence.” Particularly, it highlights Mencius’ democratic thought of respecting, valuing and loving people, helping the reader understand the deeds and views of Mencius, and the essence of the thoughts contained in the collection of his sayings, entitled The Book if Mencius, one of the four classics of the Confucian school.
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The Story of Mencius (English)