The Road of China

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Making a general review of the.zigzaggingdevelopment of the Communist Party of China since modern times,especially since its establishment,explaining how China managed to stick to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and what its characteristics are.

Summing up the brilliant achievements made by China since the reform and opening up in a systematic way,and profoundly analyzing the specific reasons for such achievements.

Exploring the previous experience China has got in the process of reform and opening up before making deeper analyses of such experience in theory.

Explorin.g the difficulties and challenges that may be encountered by China in the future develop-ment,proposing the ideas and countermeasures,and providing references for the Party and the state to make decisions.
Table of Contents
Introduction Start of China's Road to Modernization and the Choice of History
Ⅰ.Foreign Invasions and Chinese People's Struggles and Exploration
Ⅱ.Multi-dimensional Exploration and Selection of China's Modemization Road
Ⅲ.The Final Battle between Two Prospects and Fates and the Choice of History
Ⅳ.Construction and Exploration of Socialism in China (1949-1978)

Chapter 1 The Socialist Economic Model with Chinese Characteristics
Ⅰ.To Establish and Improve the Basic Economic System in which Public Ownership Is Dominant and Different Economic Sectors Develop Side by Side
Ⅱ.The Transition from the Highly-centralized Planned Economy to the Socialist Market Economy
Ⅲ.To Explore the Path of Economic Development with the Scientific Outlook on Development as the Theme
Ⅳ.To Combine Independence and Autonomy with Economic Globalization
Ⅴ.The Model of Progressive Transition Aiming at Improving the Socialist System
Ⅵ.The Nature and Significance of Chinese Economic Model
Ⅶ.Will the Miracle Continue? -The Challenges and Choices Faced by Chinese Economic Pattem

Chapter 2 The Explorations and Experiences of the Path of Political Development with Chinese Characteristics
Ⅰ.Political Reforms and Explorations of the Path of Political Development with Chinese Characteristics
Ⅱ.Main Aspects of Political Reform and Political Construction
Ⅲ.Basic Experience in Political Reform and Development

Chapter 3 The Explorations and Development of Socialist Cultural with Chinese Characteristics
Ⅰ.Initial Explorations of the Socialist Cultural Construction
Ⅱ.Building "Socialist Cultural and Ethical" and "Promoting Vigorous Development and Prosperity of Socialist Culture"
Ⅲ.The One Factorled Diversified Cultural Pattern

Chapter 4 Construct a Harmonious Socialist Society
Ⅰ.Social Challenges Faced by the Economic Growth of China
Ⅱ.The Chinese Govemment Values Accelerating Social Construction
Ⅲ.Several Priorities in China's Social Construction

Chapter 5 The Political Party System with Chinese Characteristics
Chapter 6 Chinese Diplomacy in National Renewal
ConcIusion Features,International Influences and Prospects of the Road of China
The Road of China