The Rejuvenation of Northeast China

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Language: English
Format: 20.8 x 14 x 2.6 cm
Page: 384
Publication Date: 02/2018
ISBN: 9787500155171

Until the 1990s, Northeast China was the cradle of the new China’s industrial base that made the most historic contribution to China’s reform and opening-up program. However, as China’s modernizing reforms deepened, the Northeast’s economic development gradually began to lag behind China’s eastern seaboard. This is a story of decline and rejuvenation: after the slow disaster witnessed and endured in the lonely silence of years, the people of the Northeast ultimately once again discovered the belief and confidence that their great region would rise again from the ashes.

About the Author
Xu Jian is the author of several fictional works, among them Oriental Hada, as well as essays and TV drama. He has also penned a number of works of reportage, including McMahon Line and The Oriental Express. Swords of a Rising Power won the first Lu Xun Literature Prize in 1998.
Table of Contents
Preface — As the Northeast “Red Double” Fades out of Sight
CHAPTER 1 Tiexi: the Ruhr of China
1.The Ruhr: an Important Manufacturing Base in 20th Century Germany
2. Father and Son in Tiexi
3. A Forgotten Story from the Manchukuo
4. Tiexi: the Eldest Son of the PRC and the Task of Industrialization
5. Landmark of Tiexi……

CHAPTER 2 Dreams and Honors
1. The Female Model Worker of Hao Jianxiu’s Generation
2. The Various “Firsts” of the PRC
3. Traveling Up North and Down South for the Sake of Industrialization
4. Six Members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Center in Shenyang ......
5. The Strength of Workers
6. A Family of Steel in the Age of Passion

CHAPTER 3 Paradise in New Workers’ Suburb
1.The Clock Was Ticking in China When Paradise Was Built
2. An Ideal Marriage in New Workers’ Suburb
3. A Young Girl’s Gaze Upon the Paradise

CHAPTER 4 Young Death of the Eldest Son Tiexi
1.The First Falling Camel in the Desert
2.The Sad Memories that One Cannot Bear to ......
3. Escape from Fate
4.The Professor Who Worked in Ansteel

CHAPTER 5 The Fall of the Paradise
1.The Five Yin Girls and a Sunken Ship of a State-Owned Company 151
2. Nine Years of Romance and a Tragedy ......
3.The Female Model Worker that Ran the Bookstand in Donghu Peddlers’ Market

CHAPTER 6 In Front of the Gate to Purgatory
1. Cursed for Life 177
2. Dreaming in the Tin Cottage in the Street
3. A Life Like in Ashes
4. Homeless When the Sun Sets

CHAPTER 7 The Twist of Fate
1.The Transform of Shenyang Transformer Works
2. Two Generations’ Struggle and the Reputation of Longfeng Mine
3. A Family of Port Workers

CHAPTER 8 Move the East and Transform the West
1. A Document ......
2.The Merge of Tiexi and Zhangshi Development Zone
3. The Sale of the First Piece of Land in Old Tiexi
4. Past and Present of North 2nd Street
5. Museum of Foundry: a Historical Symbol of the Age of Steel

CHAPTER 9 The Tragedy of the Mining Capital
1. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee in Tears in the Shantytown
2. A Diffcult Reality: the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty 273
3. Tragedy in the Mining Capital
4.The Woman that Married into Modi
5.The Bird of Sun Rising from the Ashes

CHAPTER 10 Love in the Broken Ridges and ......
1. Mother’s Love and the Redemption in Endless Torture
2. Family’s Support in Most Difficult Times
3. Sisterly Love that Made the Golden Flowers Bloom

CHAPTER 11 Bounce Back in the East Wind
1.The History of the Department of Northeast China Industry and the Bureau of Northeast China
2.A Tailored Plan for Each Factory
3.The Rebuilding of the Model Workers’ Building in a Lost Paradise
4. Children of Laohutai Mine’s Resettlement in Newly-Built Apartments
5. Payment Slips of Fushun Coal Mining Group in the First Decade in the New Century

CHAPTER 12 The Bird of Sun Sings in Northeast China
1. Liaoning’s New Perspective Towards the Sea
2.The University-Educated Supervisory Worker’s House and Car
3. A Fight with Back to the Wall: Maglev and the Rebirth of Zhongjie
The Rejuvenation of Northeast China