From Inside China: Cry for Life

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Author: Zhang Yawen;
Language: English
Format: 20.4 x 14 x 3 cm
Page: 561
Publication Date: 01/2016
ISBN: 9787500143253,7500143257
Publisher: China Translation & Publishing House
Series: From Inside China
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 My Last Testimony — Four Thousand Times Four Thousand Troubles
Chapter 2 The Inspiration That Brings Fresh Meaning to My Life — The Story of a Chinese Woman and a Nazi General
Chapter 3 “Black Friday” — I Am Driven to Death’s Borders
Chapter 4 I Trace My Life Force Back to my Parents
Chapter 5 Mother Hides “Her Wanted Child” Inside the Kang Table
Chapter 6 I Spend My Bitter Childhood Years in the Wilderness of the Lesser Khingan Range Where Wild Beasts Roam Free
Chapter 7 A Rebellious and Infatuated Teenage Girl
Chapter 8 I Am Married to Him — The Best Decision of My Life
Chapter 9 Death Hears My Daughter’s Sobs and Lets Me off the Hook
Chapter 10 A Joke Leads Me to Throw Down My Last Chip at the Altar of the Literary World
Chapter 11 Russian Roulette — My Path out of Depression
Chapter 12 Two Last Testaments, One for Myself, One for My Husband
From Inside China: Cry for Life