The Pen Drawing of Beijing City

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This book selects over 300 pen drawing about Beijing and is divided into five chapters: old town, Hutong, old stores, folk customs and new town; matched with word explanation, it enables readers to see the beauty, history and culture of Beijing city, interpret the history and townscape of Beijing with an intuitive and vivid visual effect, and helps foreign readers better know Beijing, which is of profound historical meaning and international influence.
Table of Contents
The Old City 
The Alleys 
The Traditional Stores 
The Folkway & Scenery 
The New City
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Sample pages of The Pen Drawing of Beijing City (ISBN:9787200110487)
Street-across Building of Guanyin Temple 
Located at the cross of Guancaiyuan Upper Street and Zixin Road in Xicheng District, the Street-across Building of Guanyin Temple is in urban architectural style of Qing Dynasty.The horizontal inscribed brick-carving boards on the south and north sides of the building were engraved with "jin Sheng (gold rope)" and "Jue An (aware of the shore)' respectively in 1830 (10th year of Emperor Daoguang's reign, Qing Dynasty).It used to be the only route to the No.1 Prison of the Capital City in early years.Its usage in the old time is similar to the overpass in the modern time, a main street linking the east and west parts of the temple.It was demolished in 1998. 
The Former Site of the Japanese Embassy 
The former site of the Japanese Embassy is located at No.2 Zhengyi Road.Before 1900 (26th year of Emperor Guangxu's reign, Qing Dynasty),the old Japanese Legation was located at the north of Jiangmixiang Road.After the Boxer Protocol was signed on September 7, 1901, with the excuse that the site where the old one was situated was narrow and small, the Japanese seized the chance to force the Qing Government to requisition the properties on the west of the old Japanese Legation,including the office building of the Household Administration of the Heir Apparent, the Mansion of Prince Su and some residential dwellings,though the old legation had not been damaged during the siege by Yi Ho Tuan (the Boxers).The main building and entrance gate remain intact today.The facade of the main building is in European classical style.
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The Pen Drawing of Beijing City