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A Chinese-English Handbook fo the Names of Chinese-Foreign Organizations and Institutions
ISBN: 9787561231999,7561231997 | Published on 01/2012

A Handbook of English Academic Writing
ISBN: 9787561272916 | Published on 08/2020

A Silk Road Journey
ISBN: 9787561251652 | Published on 11/2016

Earthquake is Predictable
ISBN: 9787561251515 | Published on 11/2016
About Author 赵得秀, male, born in January 1925, a native Province, professor-level senior engineer (retired) of Water Resources Research Institute of...

Engineering Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ISBN: 9787561288252 | Published on 07/2023
On the basis of vector analysis, fundamental concepts of electromagnetic fields are introduced starting from the experimental laws of...

Engineering Surveying
ISBN: 9787561280409 | Published on 11/2021

English Chinese Dictionary on Aerospace
ISBN: 9787561252314 | Published on 01/2018

Extended Finite Element Method:Theory and Applications
ISBN: 9787561264331 | Published on 03/2019
The book begins with an overview of the extended finite element method in Chapter 1, in which an emphasis is given on various applications of the...

From Acupuncture to Chinese Zodiac: 26 Topics on Chinese cultural Topics
ISBN: 9787561231968,7561231962 | Published on 09/2011

Principle Of Automatic Control
ISBN: 9787561245811 | Published on 09/2015
This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of control systems. It consists of eight chapters, including the basic...

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