The Last Emperor and His Five Wives

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Table of Contents
The Last Empress: Wanrong 
1.The Noble Blood of Wanrong 
2.“Empress Campaigning” in the 1920s 
3.The “Grand Nuptials” of the Last Emperor 
4.Reading Life in the Chuxiu Palace 
5.“Lovesick in Chamber” and “Contest in Love” 
6.The End of the Qing Court 
7.Going to Tianjin Secretly 
8.The Plan “Going to Japan” and the “Wife—diplomacy”
9.The Monologue of the Last Empress 
10.Her Grievances Unkown to All 
11.Wanrong in Lushun 
12.Wanrong in the Early Period of Manchukuo 
13.The Puppet Empress in the Cage 
14.The Woman Who Suffered Most 
15.Wanrong Should Not Be Forgotten 
The Last Imperial Consort: Wenxiu 
1.An Unexpected Girl to Be Born 
2.Chosen by the Emperor 
3.Going up Rapidly in the World 
4.Taking Wenxiu to the Palace 
5.The First Days in the Royal Family 
6.Holding in Deep Respect for Consort Zhen 
7.Accepting the Second Place as a Consort 
8.Hiding Sharp Scissors in the Sleeves 
9.The Days in the Prince Chun Mansion 
10.The Emperor’s Visits to Consort Shu’s Family 
11.To Uphold Justice for Persuading “the Trapped Dragon” 
12.“Offending the Emperor” for the First Time 
13.The Trapped Dragon “Raising its Head” in Tianjin 
14.In the Soon—changing Political Storms 
15.A Solitary Sleepless Person with Tears at Nights 
16.Running away from the Jing Garden Quietly 
17.Consort Shu, Where Had You Gone? 
18.“The Consort’s Rebellion”: a Shock in the Haihe River District 
19.An Apologist in a Rage Smote the Table and Jumped to His Feet 
20.Fighting Back Against the Evil Forces 
21.Raising the Divorce Proposal 
22.The Couple Not Being Heartless to Each Other Yet 
23.The Empress Was Reluctant to Endure Suffering Any More
24.Puyi’s Intention: “To Put It to an End Quickly” 
26.Announcement of Divorce 
“Noble Concubine Mingxian”: Tan Yuling 
1.The “Monkey Emperor Being Caught in the Japanese Trap 
2.The Claws Stretching into the Royal Family 
3.A Secret Imperial Edict: Letting His Mother—in—law Choose the Concubine 
4.“To Take the Concubine” Had to Be Approved by Kenkichi Ueda 
5.The Bird Fed in the Cage 
6.The Affections Between the Emperor and the Noble Concubine 
7.The Noble Concubine in the Eyes of Her Female Companies
8.The Noble Concubine in the Eyes of Hiro Saga 
9.The Noble Concubine in the Eyes of the Wet Nurse and the Servant—girls 
10.The Noble Concubine in the Eyes of the Court Students 
11.The Noble Concubine in the Eyes of the Male Servants 
12.The Whole Story About the Terrible Offence" Event 
13.To Sign the Indent:ure for Selling the “Future Son”
14.The Vexahon Unable to Relieve 
15.“The Empress” and “the Noble Concubine” 
16.The Mournful Scene of Parting Forever 
17.Was Tan Yuling Murdered? 
18.Puyi Deaded to Hold a Solemn Funeral for “the Noble Concubine” 
19.A Sincere and Profound Missing 
20.The Truth of the Legend of “Poisoning the Noble Consort” 
21.The Souvenirs Tan Yuling Left for Her Husband 
22.New Explanation for the Historical Mystery 
23.Puyi, Li Shuxian and Tan Yuling would be Co~buried in the Future 
“Noble Concubine Fu”: Li Yuqin 
Li Shuxian"
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