The Tao that Can be Told: An Illustrated New Taoism

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  • Author: Zhao Qiguang;
  • Language: English
  • Page: 171
  • Publication Date: 11/2010
  • ISBN: 9787511004130,751100413X
  • Publisher: Dolphin Book
Table of Contents
Inscriptions of Chinese Culture
The Tao that Can be Told
Why Can Angels Fly?
Look up at the Stars
The Highest Good Is Water
An Unanchored Boat
Know the Male and Stay With the Female
Do Nothing and Do Everything
Gain and Loss
The Dragon Is Coming
The Hour of Death
Living Between the Two
The Law of the Tao Is Its Being What It Is
The Battlefield of Life
Appendix: Tao Te Ching
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Sample pages of The Tao that Can be Told: An Illustrated New Taoism (ISBN:9787511004130,751100413X)

Every time people are confronted with a great challenge, they always look back to better times. The aim is not to think constantly about the previous times, but rather to bring forth new ideas. Now we are on the eve of a great leap forward, so we really need to focus our attention on the voice of the sage. Lao Tze's thinking has far-reaching significance for our everyday lives, because it can help us build a harmonious society and cultivate a healthy body and mind.
Confucians assembled crowds, gave lectures and had 3,000 disciples, while Lao Tze lived in seclusion and relative obscurity.The Tao Te Ching was his teaching materials. The volume is so short that it cannot really be seen as teaching materials, but rather a 5,000-word outline for lectures. The outline is so profound and each word seems like a sparkling star. I would confidently assert that these 5,000 stars could lighten the heart of every person in the world with their harmonious and wise light.
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