The English-Chinese Interesting Essays of Knowledge

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  • Author: Yi Yun;
  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Format: 19.4 x 13.4 x 1 cm
  • Page: 211
  • Publication Date: 10/2014
  • ISBN: 9787549612871
  • Publisher: Wenhui Press
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Globality helps to explain the ceaseless wave of big mergers blurring national identities. Opportunities now exist that would have been unthinkable -- or politically impossible -- a few years ago. The ever more intense cross-border competition seems to require a new scale and broader capabilities, while shareholders increasingly demand high-caliber financial performance. Globality has some very nice features -- such as higher incomes, wider choice. It also has some very unappealing aspects, such as the financial contagion that has swept around the world. 
What will be the rules of this new reality? How will the world manage itself? What happens to culture and national identity? How will this affect the billions of the world's poor?Inherent in all these questions is the underlying issue of legitimacy and acceptability. One sort of globality or another is inevitable. It will increasingly affect the lives of an ever growing number of people. Its workings can bring many benefits and opportunities. It can also generate much disruption and discord. 
Globality is not necessarily the most beautiful word. But it has two things going for it: it captures a new reality, and it's useful. Any day now, it'll show up in a dictionary.
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