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Spoken Chinese Dictionary (Chinese Edition)
ISBN: 9787100086967 | Published on 06/2012
This dictionary collects the words and phrases commonly orally used in modern Chinese. It also distinguishes the words with meanings hard for...

A Concise Commentary on Memiors on the Western Regions in the Official Histories of the Western and Eastern Han,Wei,Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties
ISBN: 7100105323, 9787100105323 | Published on 04/2014

Russian-Chinese-English Dictionary of Sports Terms
ISBN: 9787100057387 | Published on 07/2008

Collection of Dunhuang Grottoes: Esoteric Buddhism 10
ISBN: 9620752848 | Series: Collection of Dunhuang Grottoes

Official Examination Papers of HSK Speaking (2012)
ISBN: 9787100089043 | Published on 03/2012
2014 edition available on
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Collection of Dunhuang Grottoes: Picture of Costume 24
ISBN: 9620752961 | Series: Collection of Dunhuang Grottoes

The Analects Primer (Bilingual Edition)
ISBN: 9787100055536 | Published on 09/2007
The Analects (Lun Yu), or The Analects of Confucius, records the sayings and deeds of the great thinker, educationist Confucius and his...

Sunshine Chinese Textbook 3A (with CD, YCT Friendly)
ISBN: 9787100108607 | Published on 11/2014 | Series: Sunshine Chinese
The Volume 3 of Sunshine Chinese consists of 12 units, and each unit presents a story in the form of a dialogue. The stories in this volume are...

Modern Chinese 800 Words (revised edition)
ISBN: 9787100021975 | Published on 02/2015

Lesson Plans for Teaching Chinese Grammar (with CD)
ISBN: 7100114128,9787100114127 | Published on 08/2016

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