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A Grammar of Spoken Chinese (Chinese Edition) [Paperback]
ISBN: 9787100087391 | Published on 12/2011
A Grammar of Spoken Chinese
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Sunshine Stories: Chinese Jokes (2 Vols)
ISBN: 9787100096515 | Published on 12/2012 | Series: Sunshine Stories
Sunshine Stories: Chinese Jokes is an illustrated elementary Chinese story book which includes an excellently curated selection of twenty...

ISBN: 9787801030405 | Published on 01/1996 | Series: A NEW CHINESE COURSE BOOK
This textbook is intended to be an elementary Chinese course book. It consists of two volumes, each for an academic year. This course aims at...
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A Grammar of Spoken Chinese
ISBN: 7100022568,9787100022569 | Published on 12/1979

Fangcao Hanyu -1-- with a CD-ROM
ISBN: 9787100076227 | Published on 08/2011 | Series: Fangcao Hanyu
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Mon Dictionnaire Chinois Francais en Images
ISBN: 9787100064002 | Published on 01/2009

ISBN: 7100007208, 9787100007207 | Published on 05/1994 | Reviews:

World Young Learners' Chinese 1
ISBN: 9787100055659 | Published on 06/2008 | Series: World Young Learners' Chinese

ISBN: 7801031334 | Published on 12/1997 | Series: A NEW CHINESE COURSE BOOK
The second book of A New Chinese Course consists of twenty five lessons of which every five are grouped under a topic such as Social Issues (1),...
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HSK Strategies Vocabulary Handbook (Elementary-Intermediate)
ISBN: 9787100052641 | Published on 03/2009
《HSK初、中等全攻略词汇手册》是针对考试前1-4个月的应试编写的HSK长期应试教材,是一本将教学指导与强化训练相结合的HSK教材,适用于各类短期班及自学者。   全书分为听力、语法、阅读、综合共20攻略,最后有全套仿真试题两套。每一攻略内容包括重点提示、例题精解、 考点与技巧、模拟测试4部分。...

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CP has an annual output of about 800 titles, with about 350 new titles and 450 reprinted titles. Meanwhile, it publishes 2 periodicals - The World of English and The World of Chinese, 20 academic journals including Chinese Language and Dialect, as well as some audio-visual products. Recent surveys show that dictionaries in Chinese and foreign languages published by CP have been occupying a dominantly leading place in the book market of China. In 2005, its total price of publications was 540 million RMB yuan and its profit was more than 50 million RMB yuan, ranking among the top publishing institutions in China.
The Commercial Press now has developed into a well-renowned publishing institution with its own distinctive style, renewing its unique place in China's history of publishing, and its commitment to cultural development of China.
Now an affiliate of the newly-established China Publishing Group, the Commercial Press stands ready to embrace opportunities and challenges in the upcoming reform of the cultural system and the publishing system.