Teaching Cases in the International Chinese Language Classroom: Elementary Comprehensive Course (1 book + 1 USB disk)

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<b>Usage Advice: </b>To be used by teacher training institutions or by novice as well as experienced teachers as a self-learning material or to prepare for the ICLTA test<br/>
Teaching Cases in the International Chinese Language Classroom:Elementary Comprehensive Course is the first set of live-action teaching cases of elementary Chinese comprehensive course in China developed on the basis of HTML 5 technology and presented via all media. The offline product released at first is in the form of “USB flash drive + print book”.The USB flash drive contains a drive program, with three modules. (1) Classroom teaching cases. Based on language proficiency, the elementary comprehensive course is divided into three stages—simple dialogues, paragraphs, and texts, presented in three different cases. Each case is composed of six sections, i.e., classroom video, textbook interpretation, text, teaching plan, courseware, and instructional dialogue. Among them, the “classroom video” is a live-action recording of classroom teaching, which is authentic, concise and intuitive; the“instructional dialogue” is a one-to-one dialogue between the advisory expert and the lecturer, exploring the underlying teaching concepts and design skills of the exemplary classroom. (2) Course review, including six sections, i.e.,general remark, student-centered teaching, concise explanation and more practice, gradual progress, textbook analysis, and teaching procedures. The aim is to help teachers understand the comprehensive course in all aspects, so that they can do well in teaching the elementary comprehensive course and build a system of knowledge and ability for the teaching of comprehensive course. (3) Remarks on teaching procedures, including eight sections, i.e., organization of class,review and check, vocabulary teaching, grammar teaching, text teaching,comprehensive exercises, summary, and home assignment. Based on three classroom cases, the experts make a in-depth discussion and analysis of the major teaching procedures of the comprehensive course, especially the course at the elementary level. The aim is to help teachers set the pace for the classroom and better control the steps and methods of instruction, so that they can improve their teaching efficiency and achieve their teaching objectives.The print book provides the script of the textbook interpretation, text, instructional dialogue, and teaching plan, as well as that of the course review and the remarks on teaching procedures. Every page leaves margins for teachers to keep notes when watching the video or preparing for the lesson.This product is a combination of advanced teaching concepts, diverse teaching methods,representative teaching models, extensive research and discussions, and innovative technology development. It is an encyclopedic “treasure house” of the elementary comprehensive course.<br/>
<b>About the Author</b><br/>
This product is developed by The Research Group of International Chinese Language Classroom.The lecturers include Shen Hongdan, Yu Miao, and Zheng Jiaping, all of whom areaward-winning young teachers in Beijing Language and Culture University. The team of advisors and critics is made of up leading experts in the field of international Chinese teaching, including Cui Yonghua, Jiang Liping, LiuChangzheng, Mao Yue, Su Yingxia, Zhai Yan, and Zhang Hui.<br/>
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Teaching Cases in the International Chinese Language Classroom: Elementary Comprehensive Course (1 book + 1 USB disk)