Stories Along the Belt and Road III: A Bright Shared Future

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The anaent Silk Road that spanned a mil-lennium and 10,000 miles was revived in this century as the Belt and Road Initiative.As a global cooperation program, it is boosting modernization and stable development in distant corners of the world. We want to share the stories of this coop-eration with our readers.They are a united response to the call of the times for a global community of shared future.
Table of Contents
The Nam Ou River Cascade Hydropower Project: Epitome of China-Laos Friendship
YASREF: A Rising Energy Star from Saudi Arabia
The Arctic's Energy Pearl
RILAK Mineral Paints Add Luster to Latvia's Global Image
A Better Life in the Heart of the South Pacific
Kribi Deepwater Port Helps Cameroon Take Off
China and Malaysia: Twin Industrial Parks, Common
A Dream Road in the Republic of the Congo
Italy: Life on Cloud
The Most Beautiful Jamaica North-South Highway
"Exorcists on the Moon Islands"
Vietnam: LJIP Vitalizes the Sleepy Town
Chinese Manufacturing in the Rainbow Nation
The Steel Caravan on the New Silk Road
Intelligent Manufacturing Makes Life Better
San Juan de Marcona: From a Small Fishing Town to a Modern
Coastal City
Making Electric Waves in the Egyptian Desert
New Life by an Old Oilfield
The Canton Fair: Seizing the Silver Lining in the Cloud
Brothers Committed to Mutual Assistance
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Sample pages of Stories Along the Belt and Road III: A Bright Shared Future (ISBN:9787119125350)
Sample pages of Stories Along the Belt and Road III: A Bright Shared Future (ISBN:9787119125350)
Sample pages of Stories Along the Belt and Road III: A Bright Shared Future (ISBN:9787119125350)
Sample pages of Stories Along the Belt and Road III: A Bright Shared Future (ISBN:9787119125350)
During his visit to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the proposal of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, which became known as the Belt and Road Initiative. The Initiative is based on the principle of achieving shared growth through dialogue and collaboration and reviving the "Silk Road spirit" that prevailed on the ancient historical trade route, a spirit of peace and cooperation,
openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefits.
Today, the Belt and Road Initiative is implementing green, low-carbon and sustainable development while promoting policy communication, facilities connectivity, smooth trade, unimpeded financing, and people-to-people ties. The joint efforts of the coun-tries and international organizations participating in it have opened up a new space for global economic growth, created a new platform for international trade and investment and ushered in new practices in global economic governance. They have made new contributions to promoting people's wellbeing universally, and provided Chinese solu-tions for building a global community of shared future.
As the panoramic vision of the Initiative unfolds, the rough sketch has been transformed into a precise, targeted and detailed intricate painting. The Belt and Road is rooted in history but oriented toward the future. It originated in China, but belongs to the world.A popular public product developed with joint efforts, the Irutiative spans different regions, development stages, and civilizations, forming a strong synergy across the world.
The story of the development of the Belt and Road Initiative is a mosaic of moving stories from a great and strong global community of shared future, More and more unheard voices are emerging today, telling the stories of nations realizing their century-old dreams and the fates of multitudes of people changing for the better. They also tell how the overseas-bound Chinese contributed to the realization of these dreams on foreign soil. Each of these vivid stories is unique and comes from the heart.
In our work, we have had the privilege of coming across a large number of such stories about the changes brought by jointly-built projects and the appreciation of the ordinary people who benefited from them. We felt there was a need to record these moving stories and tell them to more people to share the joy of dreams coming true.
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Stories Along the Belt and Road III: A Bright Shared Future