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Illustrated Encycldpedia of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage
ISBN: 9787807406679 | Published on 10/2011

Follow Me to Say Shanghai Dialect
ISBN: 9787807405801 | Published on 07/2010
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World - Renowned Artists in Shanghai
ISBN: 9787807404521 | Published on 10/2009
Interpreting Guan Yiming's Portrait Photography、Luciano Pavarotti、Placido Domingo、Jose Carreras、Andrea Bocelli、Renee Fleming、Elaine Paige、Christina...

100 Landmarks of Shanghai
ISBN: 9787807404750 | Published on 10/2009
Shanghai, today, is not only a mark on the map of a metropolitan, but also a lifestyle that is different from any other.When traveling abroad, people...

Shanghai's Luwan District
ISBN: 9787806466797 | Published on 02/2006
This book is a handy travel guide that provides detailed information about the history, culture, business, and tourist destinations in Shanghai's...

ISBN: 9787806467800 | Published on 07/2005
What is Shanghai like today? The tallest buildings in the world; two breathtaking bridges; the world's most high-tech stock exchange. Countless...

A Happy Existence--Chen Haiwen's Photographic Record of His Journey
ISBN: 9787806466490 | Published on 08/2004
The author insists that the ideal way of life he is seeking for is consistent with the spirit of the people in the pictures.

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