Shanghai: A Wellspring of Innovation

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Intelligent City within Reach
4G Age Begins
Information Perception and Intelligent Application
Big Data and Cloud Computing
Chapter 2 New Energy Vehicles Become Available to the Public
First Mass Production All-electric Cars Enter the Market
Making Charging Easier
Governments Continues to Promote Electric Vehicles
The Blueprint Has Been Drawn
Chapter 3 High-End Manufacturing Flourishes Along the
Huangpu River
Comprehensive Upgrade of High-End Manufacturing
Self-Innovation Is the Biggest Driving Force
Innovation in Modes Accelerates Change of Method
Ministries and Municipal Departments Carry out 'Win-Win'
Chapter 4 From 3D Printing to Creative Industry
3D Printing Is No Longer a Foreign Concept/065
Shanghai Will Develop Its 3D Printing Industry
Cultural Creative Industry Takes the Lead
Chapter 5 Developing the National Robot industry
Shanghai: Birthplace of Chinese Robots
Robot Development Cooperation Begins
Service Robot Takes a Considerable Share of the Market
Industrial Robots Have Huge Market Potential
Facilitating the Upgrading and Transformation of 'Made in China' Products
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Shanghai: A Wellspring of Innovation