Shaanxi Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 08/2012
ISBN: 9787503765933
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Shaanxi Statistical Yearbook
First, Shaanxi Statistical Yearbook -2012 "is a comprehensive system reflects the annual Shaanxi Province, economic, social, scientific and technological development. Book data is processed according to the province's professional Statistics Annual Report, and a collection of cities, counties and provincial departments of statistics.
Second, the book is divided into 22 sections: 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Consolidated; 3. National accounts; 4. Population; 5. Employment and Wages; 6. Investment in fixed assets; 7. Energy: 8. Finances; 9. Price Index; 10. People's lives; 11. Environment and urban; 12. Agriculture; 13. Industry; 14. The construction industry; 15. Transport and Telecommunications; 16. Domestic trades; 17. Foreign economic trade and tourism; 18. Finance and insurance; 19. Education, science and culture; 20. Sports, health and other; 21. Water Resources; 22. Main indicators of the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Appendix for the 2011 Shaanxi statistics Memorabilia. For ease of use, the front of each chapter lists the main statistical indicators Summary and charts, behind attached to the Main Statistical Indicators.
The Yearbook 2011 of mainly listed the key year since the reform and opening up.
Shaanxi Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)