Selected Short Stories by Tibetan Writers: Neighbor of the Paradise

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Table of Contents
Tibet—A Soul Tied on a Leather Knot 
Zhaxi Dawa 
Chayang Shiri 
The Beggar 
Yeshie Dainzin 
A Tale in the Fall 
Jigme Puncha 
Three Methods of Making Kites 
Ma Yuan 
The Story of Wednesday 
Celestial Burial Career 
To ngkar 
Canvas without Oil 
Nonsexual God 
Yamzhong of Shigar Village 
Nyima Pamdo 
You're Also Called Droma 
Peeping at the Holy River 
A Sheep Released 
Tsering Norbu 
Crops Untouched by Dew 
Tsering Yangkyi 
A Better Weather Tomorrow 
Zhaxi Bandian
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Where could the beggar go? He came to mind when I was herding.I wondered if I would run into him again, because there were only eleven households in our village and most were very poor.My mistress was one of the wealthiest in the neighborhood. The beggar did not show up in the next two days and I thought he had left for somewhere else.Surprisingly he came back to the haystack on the third night.I saw it as a great opportunity to know him better.His name was Toinzhub and he came from Xigaze.He used to work for a lord and was once assigned to work in Lhasa.Falling in love with a young woman from Barkor Street, he refused to go back to Xigaze, hoping that he could live a free and happy life in Lhasa.Unfortunately, he was found out by a leading official of the lord, who called up a group of men and they almost beat him to death.He shared his personal experience with me not out of any trust and fondness for me.In fact, he was so depressed and gloomy His eyes were dreamy though not blank, and I guessed he had drunk some barley wine.It was obvious to me that he had experienced something unpleasant.At last, he lay down.After placing some hay on himself, he closed his eyes.Suddenly he raised his head as if he had something important to share with me.He rested on his elbow and said to me: "There comes the 'Four Rivers and Six Mountain Ranges'!" (Which refers to the rebels' backbone force).
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Selected Short Stories by Tibetan Writers: Neighbor of the Paradise