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An introduction to Philosophy of Technology
ISBN: 9787030490315, 7030490312 | Publisher: Science Press | Published on 06/2016

An Investigation into Pragmatic Markers in Chinese EFL Learners' Spoken English: A Corpus-Based Approach (English Version)
ISBN: 9787313140678, 7313140673 | Publisher: Shanghai Jiaotong University Press | Published on 12/2015
This book is an open and innovative study platform for the purpose of exploring the latest fields in modern foreign language researches and a...

Anaerobic Digestion Technology and Engineering
ISBN: 9787122244468 | Publisher: Chemical Industry Press | Published on 06/2016

Analog Electronic Circuits
ISBN: 9787030586056 | Publisher: Science Press | Published on 11/2018

Analysis and Application of Water Resources Carrying Capacity
ISBN: 9787550915619 | Publisher: Yellow River Conservancy Press | Published on 09/2016
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Analysis and Design of Sliding Mode Control Systems
ISBN: 9787030529220 | Publisher: Science Press | Published on 06/2017
This book mainly introduces some new design methods and ideas about sliding mode control, which are applied to the differential inclusion systems,...

Analytical or Semi-analytical Solutions of Functionally Graded Material Structures
ISBN: 9787030689993 | Publisher: Science Press | Published on 06/2021

Ancestors from Cambrian Explosion
ISBN: 9787560434155 | Publisher: Northwestern University Press | Published on 03/2015
The book contains: first, the evolutionary process of vertebrates in Cambrian Explosion; second, the researches on evolution and forms of other...

Antennas and Electromagnetic Wave
ISBN: 9787307225480 | Publisher: Wuhan University Press | Published on 01/2022

Applied Analysis for Engineering Sciences
ISBN: 9787301267615 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 03/2016

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