SASS Studies Summer 2021 Volume 22

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Table of Contents

A Political-economic Analysis of China's Economic System Innovation /Zhang Daogen

On the Expansion of Principal-agent Theory in the New Institutional Economics / Li Zhengtu

Entrepreneurship and Transformation of Schumpeterian Growth in China's Economy / Zhou Dapeng

The Heterogeneity Factor and the Chinese Enterprise Transnational M&A Behavior: From the Perspective of Global Value Chain Layout / Liu Liang, Shen Guilong, Li Haokuang

Factor Ownership Structure of Foreign Invested Enterprises and Income Belonging of Value-added Exports / Zhou Zhuo, Zhu Kunfu

The Evolution of the Yangtze River Delta Integration and Its High-quality Development Logic / Li Zhan , Zhang Yan

The Impact of Monetary Policy on Chinese Private Enterprises: Perspective Based on Dynamic Adjustment of Capital Structure / Zhang Guangting, Hong Jiaping, Jin Chen

From Pastoral to Urban Areas: Determinants Associated with the Health Status of the Migrating Elderly / Fan Haobin, Jia Tingyue, Sarah Wilson, Nie Xuanyi

SASS Studies Summer 2021 Volume 22