SASS Studies Summer 2019, Volume 14

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Author: Zhang Daogen; Xue Anwei; ;
Language: English
Page: 152
Publication Date: 06/2019
ISBN: 9787552027778
Series: SASS Studies
Table of Contents

Introductory Essay / Paul RAB, TU Qiyu1

Reform and Openingup and Urbanization in China / ZHANG Daogen, XUE Anwei

Towards a New Narrative for the 21st Century Delta City / Han MEYER

A Consolidated Archipelago: Retrospective of Water Engineering and Urbanization in the Yangtze River Delta / Christian NOLF, XIE Yuting, Florence VANNOORBEECK

Shanghai 2035 Master Plan: Innovation and Expectation / TU Qiyu

Reappreciation and new uses of urban watersides in Shanghai / Harry DEN HARTOG

Shanghai: Striving for a Worldclass Waterfront Area / XI Dongfan

Gate, River and Ritual: the Collective Memory of Wu Zixu in Suzhou / ZHOU Mengyuan

Water System and Defense: Interpretation of Diaoyu Hill Fortress and Its Heritage Environment from the Perspective of Cultural Landscape / SHI Ding, WANG Yifei, DU Xiaofan

SASS Studies Summer 2019, Volume 14