Porcelain of Ancient China

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Author: Shao Da; Xu Xiaolong;
Language: English
Page: 147
Publication Date: 11/2010
ISBN: 9787508519463
The history of Chinese pottery dates back to the early Neolithic Age.The earliest pottery shards were unearthed from Xianrendong site of Wannian County,Jiangxi Province, with a date of some 8,000 years ago. About 4,000 years later, the Shang Dynasty produced the earliest protoceladon, a leap in ceramic history. This book introduces ancient Chinese porcelain.

About Author
Xu Xiaolong, born in 1952, has been engaged in ancient ceramic studies for over 30 years. With a keen eye for ancient pottery and porcelain objects, up to now he has published more than 20 academic papers in authoritative journals. Currently Xu is a guest professor at Peking University Resource College, and a member of collected articles appraismg centre at Beijing Wenbo Garden, He is also former vice director of ceramics collection committee of China Association of Collectors,and used to be an adviser to “Treasure Appraisal”program on CCTV-2.
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Sample pages of Porcelain of Ancient China (ISBN:9787508519463)

Sample pages of Porcelain of Ancient China (ISBN:9787508519463)
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Porcelain of Ancient China