Peach Blossom Fan

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Page: 123
Publication Date: 01/2012
ISBN: 9787508521626
The Peach Blossom Fam is a great masterpiece of Kun opera and has been a favorite of Chinese audiences for more than300 years, it takes the love story between the Revival Society poet Hou Fanyu and the beautiful river courtesan Li Xiangiun as its basis; but as a historical epic, it reflects the brief splendor and fall of the short-lived Southern Ming dynasty. This book, with plain words, intends to help foreign readers understand the story and appreciate classic Chinese opera.
Table of Contents
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Chapter Ⅱ
Chapter Ⅲ
Chapter Ⅳ
Chapter Ⅴ
Chapter Ⅵ
Chapter Ⅶ
Chapter Ⅷ
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Peach Blossom Fan