Parctical Medical Chinese: Clinical - Internal Medicine (with 1 Mp3)

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Practical Medical Chinese: Clinical is a series of clinical medical Chinese textbooks especially compiled for senior international students who come to China to study in medically related majors. The material covers 2 years of teaching and it is suggested that it is organised around Grade Four and Five. It is divided into four volumes: Surgery, Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Pediatrics, and Others. Each volume complements the others. When students study clinical medicine, the medical activities they encounter are highly interactive, because they involve working with doctors and nurses as well as meetings with patients. Hence, each volume of Clinical chooses some typical medical cases as examples, and simulates different medical scenes where the clinical terms can be used so as to enable students to learn about the whole process of inquiry, physical examination and diagnosis, and then concludes briefly after each case in order to satisfy students' practical needs. This book is about Internal Medicine.
Table of Contents
第一章 呼吸内科
第一课 支气管哮喘
第二课 慢性阻塞性肺疾病

第二章 心血管内科
第三课 心绞痛
第四课 心肌梗死

第三章 消化内科(一)
第五课 消化性溃疡
第六课 胃镜检查

第四章 消化内科(二)
第七课 上消化道出血
第八课 消化系统查体

第五章 肾病内科
第九课 尿路感染
第十课 肾病综合征

第六章 血液风湿科
第十一课 骨髓穿刺
第十二课 类风湿性关节炎

第七章 内分泌代谢科
第十三课 糖尿病
第十四课 弥漫性毒性甲状腺肿(格雷夫斯病)

附录一 录音文本
附录二 练习答案
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Parctical Medical Chinese: Clinical - Internal Medicine (with 1 Mp3)